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Step has not slowed down.
three steps and two steps rushed into the teaching building, Fan Yang hearts of real mixed feelings. I remember when, as here, but once he is a hell, even their own teachers also worked at the office door drew two skeletons like, write “Hell’s Gate” these characters; thought then that he received a college entrance examination after the cross This time the school buildings, the same is with mixed feelings that will never get rid of this nightmare where; thought then that he frequently frustrated in college, and what a miss this building, the memory of what this may be hard, but also called a carefree high school career ……
however, hated worth mentioning, miss worth mentioning, anyway, he is still coming back, or to a sophomore student’s identity, came back to high school. Facing the empty corridor, Fan Yang really kind of impulse to yell – I Yonfan back!
Of course, this is just think about it,cheap ugg boors, Fan Yang as a mental patient can not have people look at the plans. Slightly recall a moment where classrooms, Fan Yang tightened back bag, hurried towards their classes ran.
closer, getting closer! From their classes where getting closer, classroom reading English words sound coming increasingly clear that the kind of unreal feeling, Yang Fan is getting felt strongly, and his heart, but also more exacerbated.
breathe deeply a few times, Fan Yang made an effort, threw open the front door of the classroom.
Yes, yes! Fan Yang in the hearts cry together. Zhaofeng Ping Chen Qian Qian, Zhang Peng, Fang Jian, Caolin Fang, Zhang Yongli …… end sitting in a classroom, is a picture of a familiar face, a familiar figure, of course, before the podium waving pointer “pig Horses and sheep soup “for the first five of evil – the new English teacher Zhu Jin.
Once upon a time, Fan Yang is responsible for this work is extremely English teacher full of fear and resentment, and even whimsical and always looking forward to the new sick Zhu Jin can not come to class, however, went to college after only after they encountered a university teacher in After four exams themselves through the country, and after two failed …… CET Yang Fan is incomparably miss with, but also the gratitude of whining, always keep in mind how important education they have half English bald man.
cursory gasp, Fan Yang rubbed his eyes moist, almost subconsciously broke into, said: “.? I’m sorry May I come in”
perhaps the first time a student in the late does not say “report”, nor is it to sneak in the back door from the classroom, Zhu Jin new froze for a moment, it asked: “? Why are you late”
“.. I’m terribly sorry But I can explain” Yang Fan with obvious American accent, fluently spoke: “I’m late, because ……”
talking, Fan Yang Meng suddenly wake up, this is high school, not his internship in foreign companies, the opposite is the high school English teacher gourmet, not his American teacher Keith! However, even though he did not finish, but including Zhu Jin new account, classroom stunned everyone has heard, especially those few buddies Yang Fan, it is a monster with a look like eyes looking at him.
speaking, Fan Yang English even six did before, let alone a cow,cheap uggs, not to mention also is a good character, but anyway, whatever the outcome, he mingled fourth grade college, whatever the outcome, also passed four exams, Anyhow, the talkative foreigners have been nurtured for a few years, and also worked for a while foreign to his level, compared with the teacher Zhu into new natural or bad days to do, but his fluent narrative and a more authentic accent, Zhu Jin or so new a surprise, after all, Fan Yang has always been under the eyes of his students, but also a poor student, but not how one day, they practiced spoken out so good?
Zhu Jin new is not without thought, Fan Yang spent a few days so few specialized practice, however, even if he only so few words, but also can not say that this kid really turn out good, but, Zhu Jin soon expect new , Fan Yang said that the accident, such incidents can never be prepared in advance rhetoric,uggs outlet, which occurred in the vicinity of the big things I asked glance, think he deceive.
Zhu as a teacher into new like this, students naturally more surprising under the gang, until Yang Fan is allowed to enter the classroom, sit down for a long time in the seat, many students still took aim glances from time to time turned to him, in particular, and Yang Fan Relations the closest buddies Zhaofeng Ping and Zhang Peng, the two men have been on Yang Fan zhigenzhidi, then naturally feel weird, even doubt have heard a few good note.
“listen carefully! do not get distracted! class there is anything we say.” Yonfan which contrary to his nature reply big piece of paper, so that they are surprised a few people for a while, especially in the often self-proclaimed “heroes” Zhang Peng, because see more novels, now almost wondered if this Yonfan after whom dressed in turning.
However, although serious lectures allow partners, although he has also worked hard to concentrate, but still everyone can Yonfan the most absent-minded one. Although Yang Fan fairly open-minded nature, although he had seen countless mysterious different novels, but this kind of thing really happen on their own heads, we should fully accept this fact, but it is not so easy, almost the entire class, Fan Yang Du was spent in a trance.
the dreamer saw Yang Fan, Zhu Jin Yang Fan intend to give a new answer to the question several times, and even deliberately make things difficult for him for a while, however, Fan Yang once again to his surprise, and Fan Yang though is always an absent-minded way, but a few When the answer spoken answer, they are all impeccable. The students under, apart from a few inattentive, everyone asked himself in the heart, this is know the result of poor students has always been a problem, if it was for me to answer, I will do?
answer is negative.

blockbuster fourth chapter

a class, a bunch of students will swarm to Fan Yang surrounded.
“Yang Fan, when did you become so powerful?”
“Dude, where have you practiced this oral ah?”
“Yes ah, dare telling us, you say, should not fight?”
“This, this! dragged out mess boxing killed!”
“brats, clerking today is that you treat it!” ……
rushes to the students said, let Yonfan feel headache extremely hard to cope was also abnormal.
until the third class began, Fan Yang finally get temporary relief, not help the long sigh. Before that aversion to the extreme of the school bell, listen to it at the moment is so sweet, Yang Fan Antan heard, say things change, it seems, these words really do not fake ah.
III is physics class, from time to time looked at the podium before the dancing teacher to help the physical Yang Dexing, Fan Yang heart is filled with emotion. Despite their own learning this lesson is always bad, but Yang Dexing, Fan Yang still deeply admire, this is known as the physical signs of the three middle-aged man, with his reputation for consistent strength, lectures not only speaks clear and thorough, and explanation is also very interesting, because of this, I remember, Fan Yang a headache for physics, but then very interested in physics class, but unfortunately his cell science is really lacking, Yang Dexing finally live up to the expectations of a college entrance exam was mess.
thought after the entrance own embarrassment and ashamed to see people, and then think of the people I have been surrounded by the praise and flattery, though Fan Yang wants to quietly slip away in both time, but for the taste, but obviously is different. Just when the students pestered, Fan Yang has regretted his swagger, wished they had not displayed the future thanks to, but in the final analysis, after all, is an honor, a long time he did not previously tasted glory.
if God give himself a third chance to start over, and that they will not be honest with the Chinese in the late shouting the sentence “report”? Fan Yang asked himself in the heart, but delays in the answer.
If the theory of personality, Fan Yang also like his name in general, do not like how unassuming, if possible, he would prefer fortunately blessed happiness when a man, however, Fan Yang thought, now the problem is not in their own way When the average person is selected or when the big star, because of his previous performance, we have positioned him in a hopeless poor students, and partners although there are still a few playmates, but they just play at it, Fan Yang know, after we go to college, later went their separate ways, the so-called gang of buddies and myself will gradually alienated. Thus, in addition to fame, his other choice is not as ordinary people, but when one went down where people will be discriminated against others.
I kept thinking, Fan Yang suddenly shook his head with a wry smile, you just want what was it? When a big star? Really more people were ignored, by the time a rare attention, put myself as a big man. Not to say a few words of English? To own just over four levels, even in high school, what is worth showing off? Maybe he can slightly change other people’s views, but is limited to two subjects in English and language fills, and, and other capital eating, what should their own exposure where? Just actually want to become a big star that he is crazy.
“! Yang Fan, Fan Yang” trance heard his name, like a conditioned reflex Fan Yang stood up and shouted: “What happened?”
“Ha ha ha ……” underneath suddenly became a laugh.
Fan Yang suddenly wake up, only to feel his face burning hot. However, after his stay at the university for many years already, but also be despised for so many years, Yang Fan skinned agenda of effort has been trained quite well, the moment honestly admit: “I’m sorry, Yang, I just get distracted I know that was wrong, then I promise to listen carefully, ask what you just asked a question? ” Yang Fan
see attitude fairly upright, took the initiative to admit a mistake, Yang Dexing it would not say anything good, then pointing to the blackboard, said:. “Yang Fan classmates, you look up the solution of this question head.”
“problem solving?” Yang Fan was immediately cold sweats. Are you kidding? This physical science, he did not learn in high school, college and into the future, is also a mess, with nearly two years have not touched this thing, already almost forgotten, now called his problem-solving, not kidding?
However, since Yang called, Fan Yang also had to bite the bullet and went to the front of the blackboard, a close look at the title and goes considerably from the schematic.
“This is not a smooth horizontal surface, elastic coefficient of the spring, and a small box of ground friction coefficient, as well as the quality of the box, I have marked next to it. else do not control, you just find relaxation after a small box spring The total displacement on the line. “Yang Dexing aside reminder.
“total displacement? elasticity coefficient? friction coefficient ……” Yang Fan every heard a noun, I felt a big head. This topic has not been difficult to understand, Fan Yang since that has been read, and he had better problem-solving, Fan Yang is not got a clue.
“how? would not do it?” Although it is interrogative, but Yang Dexing tone, but it is completely when speaking of an affirmative sentence. And following a public classmates, Yang Fan transfixed watching the way, they invariably laughter together.
Is, managed to turn itself on English lessons, and now we are turning back? Does this mean that I can always be a poor student, always be looked down upon, to be laughed at it? Does this mean that I can only honestly accept their fate, after the first failure in life, then ushered second failure?
Yang Fan mind choppy, almost out of the classroom would like to, but the only trace of sanity, or put him firmly fixed on the spot. “Calm, cool, I want to be cool!” Fan Yang kept saying to myself.
“how? If you will not do it, it will go down, pay attention to listen carefully ah.” Yang Fan Yang Dexing patted the shoulder, fairly kindly spoke.
“am.” Yang Fan whispered something was about to sadly walked back to his seat, suddenly shines, are not stopped, cried:. “Young teacher, I know how to do.”
original, on the blackboard, on the edge of that road title, just a formula that says spring deformation, Fan Yang though never touched after entering junior physical problems, but that formula, Fan Yang is quite familiar, because, This function just recently participated in Fan Yang mathematical papers in the make-up too.
neat and quick to put the data into the formula, Fan Yang suddenly blindsided, because just as he thought of ways to do so, it must be used in school to college math to do calculus knowledge may be high school students and Which would be what calculus? Clearly, there must be an easier question is present approach to the solution, but this is the Fan Yang himself confident, confident that he did not know the correct way.
how to do? Use or not? Used, it will certainly cause a stir again, again entangled students can do it, but only dingy back seat, crestfallen when the poor students annoying, how do?
“Yang Fan classmates, if you do not do it, or the time it left the other students.” Look Yang Fan and froze, Yang Dexing could not resist opening said. In fact, as early as the first line of equation Fan Yang wrote, Yang Fan Yang Dexing already knew the idea was wrong, he just did not want to fight Yang Fan enthusiasm, so the patience to wait until after the words Yang Fan stuck out.
“This ……” Yang Fan Yang looked, looked again beneath or sympathetic, or face with a mocking classmates, and his many years of constant dreams Chen flourishing, for many years regarded him as Prince Charming Caolin Fang ……
finally, Fan Yang a bite, thinking to myself: “No matter, even if the students are tired of annoying, what the big deal is better than a strong man now despise?.” thought of this, Yang Fan, without hesitation, brush brush in demand from the integral on the board.
see Fan Yang seems confidently fired off letters, the students are under a strange, Yang Fan fool those who are looking forward to make their own spectacular, it is the addition of a little disappointed expectations, because although Yang Fan wrote very quickly, but he write so many things, that he was wrong in itself.
however, such as Fan Yang finished side, leaned out of the place for cover, although no longer following Hong Tang laugh, but whispers from every corner of the classroom, or merged into one.
“Hey, know Yonfan written anything?”
“I do not know ah, he is not doing the subject, Xia Xie stretch it over there?”
“Xia Xie? Yang you look, you see his face, Yang Fan, if he would scrawl Qiaode so serious about it?”
“he wrote what? those symbols and all of a ‘ghosts, and who can understand ah.”
“I think I’ve seen this symbol ah, seems to be symbolic calculus, I remember seeing my cousin’s book too.”
“Calculus? would not it? you said he would Yang Fan calculus? Haha, then you might as well say it sows at the tree!”
“Yes, your cousin is Xiamen University, right? heard that there’s a lot of beauty ah, very open, is not ah?”
“Haha, that of course ……”
With Fan Yang’s problem-solving, the following is also growing voices, talking about the content but also the more pull farther up.
“Well, you gave me be quiet, do not affect Yonfan students problem-solving.” Yang Dexing finally see passed, silent restrained Road. And this sentence, but it is disguised proved Fan Yang Hu is not written in the stretch.
“would not it? Did Yonfan this kid really learned calculus?” drink such a teacher, the students are under the quiet, but their heart was not how calm, many people

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But that obviously is not a good memory segment ……

“If you go, I’m with you.” song Liuchang road.

glass moon shook his head, turned around and walked side to side of Phoenix, said:. “the matter with you does not matter.”

“To be honest I do not really care about his success or failure, I just do not trust you ……” He grabbed her hand and met her eyes, added: “battlefield, than anywhere else even if you do not have superhuman powers. inevitably encounter unexpected, you need a shield. “

glass a month throw off his hand, staring at him and said: “?? You think I’d let you do what you put my shield glass Qin months as what my man”

song Liuchang loss scratched his head and said: “No, I mean, I saw hanging on the wall of the church governing the shield appearance, fine texture, you could not be better equipped in Santo,cheap uggs, but if you personally Qing Yan took inevitably detrimental to your beautiful image, if not for you to let me carrying on the battlefield. “

glass Month: “……”

almost forgot, the original song Liuchang, there is such a nonsensical side of ……

back to Santo, director of the Church was surprised to find the lights.

glass hearts strange month, in general, if she went to the governing Church,uggs outlet, no one inside the rally today, this is how?

went to look, but it is a cow with nine brigade Brigadier boom sounded bitterly kneeling in the classroom.

glass stunned month, went before them, and asked: “? what are you doing it.”

“Santo large
116, Liuchang return …

people, I heard that you are ready to go to court Kill Seibu aid the war, may have the matter? “Raising cattle boom head, suppression of grief emotions gruffly asked.

“how do you know?” glass moon does have a plan, but no one told her, ah, where have these Mangfu is news?

“Santo adults, how could you insult us?!” Cattle Boom see her admit that moment rose purple face, a pair of Hu Mu tears flashing, it looks like, kept the glass step after month jump scared, Jingleng ground looked at him.

“You have saved our brother’s life, we have built the city to settle down,cheap ugg boors, let us reunite with their families, a wife …… you brothers kindness, we’ll never repay finish! Now, you have something, stood We do not, have the whereabouts of the court Kill …… “Speaking here, he extreme grief, Gengzhuobozi breathing heavily, do not want to disrespect glass months, the balance for a long time emotion was then said:” Are we not man what? We can not fight for you? like the original, we also Wannan army divisions elite, although this year down after suffering loss of soldiers off, you can stay these are the elite of the elite! Santo adults, today I The words leave it, Seibu war, if you let us, we’re dead in front of you! “Then, Shua sword out of his waist, his neck shelves.

behind nine people have followed suit, instant, full house are sharp knife light.

heart knows its own glass months if not agree, these guys are definitely a tendon not up, so she simply have to sit cross-legged on the floor and cried, and they are face to face, and said: “Tell me, who told you what I’m going to Seibu war, to go to the court’s Kill. “

cattle boom eyes flickered, very sense of obligation to betray someone:. “is Su Gongzai”

month really want to ask the amount of glass, just outside the window and the view of crossing overheard her talking to that guy really is!

paused, she looked cattle bombers and others, said: “This time do not want to go with you, I did not look down on you, it is because you watch live and work here, and happy with his family, I could not bear to let you go with me fight on the battlefield, swords no eyes, just in case something would have happened …… to when I come back, how to explain to your family? “

“I know Santo distressed us, but I Niangshui, in this life, even if not life, but also to repay the kindness Santo adults, our Mother they say, so you do not have to worry about Santo adults explain things ! Besides, we have a wife and children, young and old, imperial soldiers would not it? Santo does not take us to, is clearly Justifying! Justifying knowing you are, we still unhappy, remember our benefactors rush on the battlefield, we are in Here the sun eat rice, which my heart is really worse than death. anyway knives are mounted on the neck, and Santo you figure it out. “Cattle Boom angrily road.

the words are said, and again and again is hypocritical.

glass months immediately stood up and said:. “leaving a million people in this farming defenders, the rest tomorrow morning entrance to the city, I want to lecture.”

“Yes!” cattle boom overjoyed, put away the knife jumped up and kicked out loud.

author has to say: ah ah ah ah! How can this critical juncture in Cavan it? Wall, ~ ~ ~ ~ (> _ <) ~ ~ ~ ~
pro, clear autumn morning code from now on in this chapter, is now reasonable grounds to climb down thoughts, later served the second chapter, alas, boring war, try to briefly some of it, but maybe parents who would like to see open in the blood in the flower of love …… evil laugh ……


117, pre-war mobilization …

next morning, the sun just rising, Phoenix, immersed in a splendid dawn.

month one glass red dress, standing on the tower, shine comparable to the sun.

amused eyes, she glanced downstairs to beat the city’s head, the speaker said: “Phoenix, the soldiers, since you have been standing here next to the words I do not want to say, only two points, I say to you speak clearly.

First, this went to Seibu, playing the games strong races. What is the fierce battle, that is, we have a lot of people to kill, relative, a lot of people will want to kill us. You choose to go with me, we should listen to my command, now I tell you my purpose, play-off hit, hit and run, but we do not do unnecessary sacrifice! To prove his Tiao Hanzi, kill enemies, come back alive, I hope this is the first point you made on. “

heard one side of the cattle boom began quietly wipe sweat, before World War II, with his soldiers said, “play-off hit, beat and run”, throughout the world and perhaps only the aunt of her.

sweat wipe half, suddenly found glass moon turned to look at him, he lengleleng, hands hurriedly printed a “phoenix” word ensign handed.

glass of red flags will be held monthly in the hands, and said: “You look at this banner on the battlefield, this banner on behalf of me, and I rushed forward, you follow me red, I would like to retreat, you also withdrawal, not to retreat as a shameful escape, in a bar, where generals, called escape, in my place, called circuitous combat, clear? “

“clear!” all the soldiers answered in unison.

glass banner delivery months will also cattle boom, passionate tone into deep: “Second, I believe that a few months ago to surrender, in your military career a few years is a painful indelible memories of it, unfortunately, South Buddha do not let you be able to prove their battlefield. overwhelmed, Seibu war, giving you a chance to prove to the world, to prove to your family to see, but also to prove to you yourself, you are indeed invincible elite division , you are not a lack of combat, not a lack of courage, but not a lack of willpower, you just lack a real generals only.

I assure you that after the campaign, I’m from Phoenix, the army put down the weapons, we do not war! That is, the Seibu a war, your life will be the last battle, I hope you can enlist as his own career to draw a perfect full stop. Each style has a military spirit is there, I hope you can fight their own style, to create his own spirit. I hope you can come back alive, remember, your family, your land, your orchard, you pig, your cattle, your sheep, right here, waiting for you to come back. “


eighteen year-old girl’s voice, like a valley oriole crisp, but with the majesty of the momentum can not be underestimated, spread both inside and outside the gates to everyone’s ears.

song Liuchang standing on the wall facing the river Kassapa, afar her.

she really is not an ordinary woman, therefore, not a single man with her exclusively.

her ruthless, her fawn, she’s strong, she’s weak …… each side as charming, each side has captured the hearts of a type of man enough, so there beside her swallow? , burial, Sue Yin song, leaves one thousand Au ……

he did not know that they are not with him, looked at her, my heart is always a hint of pain, mixed in deep love ……

“Look, sycophant goods again.” are cranky, standing on his side of the Su Yin song suddenly contempt Road.

song Liuchang back to God, he turned to look, the Kassapa River, a magnificent dragon boat is slowly approaching.

is a burial.

“go, go watch the guy did not finished, so much so she took us to the mountains to play.” Su Yin song song Liuchang pulled aboard the tower at the door.

song Liuchang said:? “Why bother with his character, not to see who will never go, you can not come down the hill she has sent troops to stay around the corner, very much needs to be done, how the time go? the mountain. “

Su Yin song paused, suddenly crooked laughed, and said: “Oh, almost forgot, these days is her Kwai water period.”

song Liuchang lengleleng, reddish cheeks a slap shot past denounced:. “Such words are said Da Lala export”

Su Yin song was rubbing the back of the head he took pain, snappily said: “?. how I direct this person is, unlike you boring show, always in my heart secretly thinking”

“who secretly think?” song Liuchang angry.

“You thought in her room most of the night wandering outside what?” Su Yin Song looked at him, his eyes evil.

song Liuchang language disorders, and he 大眼瞪小眼 long while, guiltily carried away.

“Rest assured, I know, do not speak out to destroy your image in her mind of an honest man.” Song Su Yin laughed, patting his shoulder.


Santo, glass and cattle boom month to discuss how others do with the army, Miao Yan Hao hurried Ben came from the outside, a little nervous and said:. “Santo adults, His Royal Highness Prince coming.”

glass frown month low spit: “It’s annoying!” Then let the cows bombers, who withdrew himself reasonable grounds skirts back yard.

first entered the courtyard and found a burial and Su Yin song and song Liuchang stood in the court of the seemingly confrontation door Verge, Su Yin song and song Liuchang burial staring eyes really aggressive, but a month to see glass, They flew very guts to soft down, the expression change rapidly, and indeed changing.
However, compared to the stunned glass
month, Su Yin song and song Liuchang more stunned.

They smile, know that it is a burial do not look back glass months, and then something magical happened.

just have a look of murderous stare at each other with the two men, the moment his face wronged, that’s hot Yingkuang tears rolling down looking on Pearl camel.

It says the ability to cry cry, really amazing body cast!

Su Yin song two are in a daze, glass month came and asked: “? you doing”

Su Yin Liuchang watched the burial song sounded delicate and charming turned away tears, sobbing and said: “May my sister, I see you, they are bullying the weak, to little more than bullying, stopped on the track will not let me to go. “

tears invincible kill Tan Lang eye, who can resist?

Then, “Hey, you two doing? Why bully him? do not know the visitor from afar it?” glass case Justifying month.

Su Yin Liuchang two songs with the song originally being displeased to hear the last sentence but back to taste. Visitor from afar, so that burial is off, they are not off, so that …… think of here, they laughed again, shouted from the trail to get out, put on the owner’s posture, and said: “Please. “

burial breath hold in the chest, and soon stinking shame to cry out: “? January sister, you bully me, they are not what I was off.”

“Well because they are long-lived, well-behaved, do not cry, I’ll take a cup of tea.” month wait for him to grind glass grumble, inviting him and walked to the house.

“Well, are you doing here?” Su Yin songs and music will Liuchang that two shut, glass moon asked.

about clinging to her burial, Cengceng on her shoulder, and said:. “miss you”

listen to him carefully with a trace of sad, think again and put it in his remark Wing, glass moon soft hearts together, hugged him back, and said: “I’m going to Seibu war.”

burial the body of a stiff and gently pushed her, and asked: “? help Huangfu away”

glass Month nod.

“let go, I will not let you go!” he trouble again.

“This is my own decision.” glass moon Road.

“sword no eyes, how do you do in case of hurt? men on the battlefield that is something you can never HUANGFU if not help, I sent my troops south of the Buddha to support his generals, absolutely do not want you to put their lives at risk. “burial away like always spoiled sell Meng, words and deeds hint of rage emperor unique decision.

glass moon looked at him, did not speak.

burial recovered, found themselves concerned about the chaos, seemingly Xianchuyuanxing, and Samsam took her hand, and said: “May my sister, which is the only thing that makes me very worried about people is that you, even if you have can not keep, I do this prince, when the emperor, what is the point? “

glass moon smiled, squeezed his hand raised too plump and soft white cheeks, and said: “I know you care about me, but this thing, I can not leave someone else’s hands, you must yourself go, because this is my promise of Novo. assured me on the battlefield, that is someone else to worry about. “

burial took her hand, and said: “how can I be assured HUANGFU absolutely worth what is good in the end for him so desperate???” talking, vinegar and end on the desktop.

glass screwed him months, said: “? your mind besides adultery can not be some other”

“May my sister, so I became the emperor ascended the throne, will you marry me do my queen, OK?” burial suddenly said.

“ah?” glass months consternation.

“good?” he asked.

“I, I’ve been the queen of the Togi ……” glass moon faltered.

“I do not Guannameduo? swallow?  If stop you marry me, I will send soldiers to attack Togi!” unreasonable burial together.

heard glass month, bayan give him a burst chestnut!

“sister moon, why do you hit me? still you do not want to marry me?” he wronged Road, clutching his head.

“young age rage of the heart so heavy, do not fight you fight who? you remember, if you destroy the peace and Togi, I am not the first to forgive you!” glass vicious month.

“That you promise not answer it?” written with his mouth Hongyan, Mouguang glittering.

“later date, I’m not Southern Buddhism this time, there are things to do to you.” glass moon Road.

“What happened?”

“That day I Shing Temple Cloud shallow, you give me sent him keep an eye on the point.” glass moon Road.

“how do you suddenly interested in him?” burial wary.

month to see his glass

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Face filled with water, she gently lifted the ink Xi, Xi water slowly poured into the lip of the ink. Then, he saw lying in the ink Xi fairy sister’s arms, slowly opened his eyes.

efforts previously forgotten the pain suddenly attack on the heart, Xin Yue just feel groggy, pain difficult to extricate themselves, endless darkness, she gradually see the ink Xi’s face ……

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
of something to say: There are shoes for ink
Xin Yue Xi and some do not understand the tragedy that They seem too sweet. In my understanding, the feelings experienced death in the face, is the world’s most pure and most valuable. Xi and Yue, the twice-a common destiny, the feelings of a step by step sublimation. Sweet is based on love. There is love, even though ups and downs, my heart is still happy. Without love, even great wealth, still feel missing.
2009, Xiaoxi Xi Yue Yue small droplets have a sweet day, Random Thoughts sense of taste when the real mother, haha.

PS: Spring arrived, a small increase bless all my friends a happy New Year, bull! Thank you to accompany me through 2008 into 2009. New year, wish you all the best, all wishes come true,uggs outlet, happy day! :)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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renewed waves (a)

This is a strange room, clean, refined and elegant. Xin Yue Ling Luo opened in front of the curtain, the body slowly sat propped up, looking at the empty house in a daze.

door was suddenly opened, and a modulus of about 15 or 16 maid dressed woman holding a hot wash water came, he saw sitting on the bed of Xin Yue, Mouzhong suddenly exposed delighted demeanor, she The basin hastily put in mahogany table,cheap ugg boors, very skillfully wiped his hands with a skirt, gently walked beside Xin Yue, respectful tone: “! girl, you finally woke up.”

Xin Yue looked puzzled in front of the woman, “Where am I? Who are you?.” Women gentle smile: “Slaves dyed child, the girl you’re in Blue Eagle Hill, the right to make an adult to take care of your orders.”

Blue Eagle Hill? Xin Yue suddenly dyed children holding hands tightly, urgent tone: “how? Xi kind of ink.”

stained child’s eye color slightly surprised, bow respectfully replied:. “suzerain him …… seriously injured, three adults and a few days ago was the right to make Miss recovered so far … still not awake.”

still awake? How could this be, clearly remembers that he has opened his eyes. Does it hurt? Thick bandage on Xin Yue gave knees, struggling to climb out of bed, anxiety and firm tone: “Can you take me to see him.” Dyed child hastily stopped Xin Yue, anxiously: “Girl, you lap injury, not walking. Moreover, you can see the suzerain …… slaves can not decide. “

Xin Yue stubbornly pushed dye children, stiff legs stretched out of bed, trying to give myself shoes, “suzerain you know me, you just tell me where he is on the line, I went to see him.” stained child sighed, rushed back to hold her hand, embarrassed tone: “girl, the right to make what adults tell … You can not go, girl … Do not make things difficult for slaves seeking your heavy legs hurt, please. girl back in bed. “

Xin Yue stared dye children, micro anger: “Why do you limit the right who make big my personal freedom in my community, this is illegal?!!” dyed children Leng Leng looked Xin Yue, look dazed.

“blue girl’s temper is not small” door, suddenly heard a strange voice, Mother looked, dressed in black magic came to her expressionless face. Stained children respectfully bowed: “Right to adults.” Charm gently glanced dye children, “You go first.”

“is” dyed child gently out of the room.

Xin Yue riveted charm,: “I want to see the ink Xi, is he?”

charm of the face can not see any emotion: “He will not see you again.”

Xin Yue firm attitude: “He looked on me, not you say, how he’s hurt?”

charm deadpan, “You exist only to make his injury worse. blue girl, do not dwell on my suzerain.”

Xin Yue grabbed charm sleeves, slightly angry: “What do you mean?”

charm shook his head, glanced at Xin Yue leg bandages, looking at her, it seems like a sigh of pity, “blue girl, we will certainly take your legs healed, well after the injury, it would leave you with a village Lord, inappropriate. “

Xin Yue tightly grasped charm clothes, stubborn and calm tone: “You make it clear that he and I how inappropriate?”

charm no answer, gently point Xin Yue sleeping cave, look complex to help her lying in bed, and turned left.

renewed waves (two)

After a half months, Xin Yue’s life is extremely monotonous. Get up, wash, wash down medicine, eat, sleep. In addition twenty-four hours leave around dye children, she did not see anyone else. In addition to the simple elegance of the room, she could not go anywhere. Simply put, she, a girl from a new era, where somehow been under house arrest!

the right to make an adult does not allow her to see the ink Xi, and even dyed children have been brainwashed from her which completely cover the absence of any news about the ink Xi. Xin Yue was pondering a variety of ways to resist, such as hunger, can think about it, it is not necessary to make life difficult with their bodies. Her leg is very serious, no one else’s help, almost could not walk. So, she decided to keep a good hurt, anyway, in the Blue Eagle Hills, sooner or later, to see the ink Xi. Have pull geniuses in ink Xi should be fine.

thought no pull, Xin Yue feel depressed. Anyhow, with that old elf himself can be considered old acquaintances, her leg now so heavy, old elf just opened a prescription, told Daily Aoyao dye children, but never to see her. In this regard, Xin Yue busy only in the grounds of the old urchin, to relieve a little lost inside that point. No pull geniuses to cure her, cure ink Xi, as well as the Mu Shu, it is no wonder people can not spare empty. One day, sooner or later, someone will remember her, no pull grandfather, ink Xi or the right to make the unscrupulous.

In this Ruoyouruowu waiting, Xin Yue calmly possessor of injury, more than half the day quietly gone up. Until a golden sunset in the evening, her room and she came a visitor, one of her unexpected guest.

Xin Yue half leaning on the bed, looking at the complex looks stunning beauty, unforgettable delicate facial features, wrapped in orange dress standard perfect figure, arrogant contempt of others. Americans are staring at her quietly, Mouguang implicit hatred.

Xin Yue actually very calm, serious look at her a moment, Fang slowly authentic: “Muslim girl, why?” This time, in addition to ink Xi things, dyed child touches the Blue Eagle Hills Insider So, she knew Muru Yun inevitably drip events. How she famous Qinji how Allure, and when she refused a certain prince.

Muru Yun condescending looked at her for a long while, softly smile, “blue girl, you know, sooner or later, Xi brother and me to get married?” Xin Yue’s heart thump jump, but still calm surface, do not answer.

Muru Yun sit down along the bed soft, very gentle voice: “I grew up with Xi brother childhood, he is mine, who also can not take away my position in his mind, no one can..” Xin Wyatt explore staring at her for a long time, and suddenly smiled softly: “That being the case, why Muslim girls to come here?”

穆茹云 of his face changed, Mouzhong fleeting hatred flowing, then she facing Xin Yue gentle smile:. “blue girl, Xi brother, let me take you away, the carriage is ready,” Xin Yue She looked puzzled, sneered: “Is he meant, or do you mean?” Muru Yun naturally:. “is he let me send you away,” Xin Yue longer speak, glanced out of the window full brow look osmanthus trees, long, square sigh, light eye look to her tone is certain:. “You’re lying.”

she disarray and Muru Yun Xi ink what is the relationship, once, she also do this for a long sad inferiority. However, together with her ink Xi jumped waterfall at the moment, in ink Xi rushed to save her moment in the ink Xi said to her, ‘He would not let go’ of that moment, her choice believe him. Since I believe, it will not be easily shaken.

renewed waves (three)

Muru Yun also sneer, turn eye look outside, “You come in, carried her carriage.” four or five retainers came in from the outside. Xin Yue mahogany bedside clutching hand column, looking at these retainers, firm and stubborn expression, “You go away! I want to see the ink Xi, I do not go!” Retainers looked at each other, and sometimes did not mind, the right to make commanded to take care of her, Miss suddenly put her away, blue stubborn girl refused to go forward, it is difficult.

window, suddenly heard a familiar voice, “Miss, blue girl old wounds healed, should not travel at the moment.” blink of an eye, dressed in black magic has stood the two eyes. Muru Yun staring charm, looks complicated, but it is gentle, pleasant voice, “charm, you are a Blue Eagle Hill the right to make the first spy Tsing Yi, the move is what is intended?” Charm hanging eye, calm Things: ” Miss, she was suzerain and wounded, in the circumstances, have the courtesy Blue Eagle Hills. “

good a courtesy, somehow my house arrest for so long, you just sounding. Xin Yue angrily staring charm, do not speak.

Muru Yun suddenly turns eye look Xin Yue, Yue Xin hands gently holding hands, gentle smile:. “Right makes right, is the younger sister neglect, etc. No wonder, then hope the blue sister Xi brother hurt good, I must accompany him to see you. “words, listen to the others, revealing the Muru Yun’s notice acknowledge, in Xin Yue listen to, but it is harsh exception. What you accompany him to see me? Xi with hands and legs ink, not yourself, why you’re so close. However, the ink Xi Why not? She has more than half the Blue Eagle Hills, ink Xi no reason not to know she was here, however, refused to see her ink Xi why? Xi, in the end what happened?

Xin Yue uneasy
hearts a little diffusion, eyes glued to the charm, the tone is not consciously improve, “Sunrise in the end how the ink? took me to see him!” Enchantment of the eye color of a dark, did not answer, carrying Muru Yun To turn away. Muru Yun’s hand, he was Xin Yue clung. Xin Yue anxiously shouted: “Sunrise in the end how why he does not come??!” 穆茹云 also angered by her this roar, she Zhuantouwangxiang Xin Yue, concentrate all, is full of naked Mouguang hatred, “You dare to ask, Xi brother was almost killed you! If you do not want to hurt him, they go away, the farther the better!”

Xin Yue stared at Muru Yun, stretched out one hand firmly grasped the charm of the sleeves, turn and look eye charm, “she mean? Xi is not being recovering it? geniuses who are not being treated no pull him ? beg you, take me to see the ink Xi, I want to see him! “Enchantment of eye color Shen Shen, solemnly, after all, he was just a deep breath and sighed,” blue girl, such as your legs can move freely , left here, the better the farther away from the suzerain, which is good for him, but also …… as Hello. “Yan Bi, it does not give any reaction Xin Yue, portable charm the crowd departed.

Xin Yue staring blankly and attributed Ann lonely empty house, empty heart, did not materialize. Why everyone should she go, why everyone says she will kill him? Mexican Xi, in the end what happened?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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renewed waves (four)

night resplendent palaces, confusing night.

beautiful woman wearing a red dress knelt on the ground, looking up at the top of the thousands of steps enchanting masterpiece of man, eye color complex, cold tone: “Miyaji, the task has been completed.” lazy man lying Silver top fur seat, red cloak casually draped over the shoulder, exposing sexy skin, red hair wind wave, such as the dark night of poppies, enchanting charm. He held out his finger under the stairs in front of the woman charming smile, “Snow, you come.”

red snow deadpanned embarked on one thousand steps, step by step, because habits and calm. Audience, a dense mass of people kneeling, no one looked up, nobody say anything, silence exception. Maya satisfaction constantly looking red snow near the mouth to draw a touch of playful smile, he gently waved, “the rest are to step down.” Everyone heard, were silent retreat. Blink of an eye, the entire hall wiping only two bright red.

red snow knelt on cushions covered with fur, calm tone: “Miyaji, what orders?” Maya will be a red snow in my arms, a slight tone of displeasure: “no time what to call ? me “red eye color light snow hanging, sound micro-dumb:.” master “Maya satisfaction leaned red snow ears, gently stroking her hair, breath Ruoyouruowu:” From the day I picked up your since you are my slave, your identity will never forget in your lifetime, or even several lifetimes, are my slave, my woman, “Red Snow Mouguang slightly heavy, calm voice:.” I understand. “

necklace with your fingers gently rubbed red snow face, abruptly would a black pills into her mouth, a little mercy in Mouguang flowing, gentle sounds like water, “This pill can protect you infuriating not damaged. I can not bear you dead yet, you can be ready? “red snow at him, eyes complexity, firm nod. Then, she took out a dagger, lifted his right arm is full of scars, facing a vicious stab skin smooth, dark red blood suddenly spill out. She looked down, respectfully presented to the arm lips Maya, Maya looked at her wounds, hesitated for a few seconds, then, put her lips close to the blood, desperate to suck up. Maya looked down at the snow red, white complexion gradually, but raised a touch Ruoyouruowu lips smile ……

Xin Yue suddenly opened his eyes, forehead faint cold sweat oozing. Such a dream, really weird. Red Snow’s body, in the end how many hidden secrets? Outside, gradually revealing the gray dawn, the dawn has quietly come. Xin Yue turned a body, want to continue to have a dream, hazy, but always felt that someone was staring at her, forcing her strong oppressive feeling looked down. Next to the exquisite mahogany coffee table, the Empress Dowager enchanting figure is half leaning on a chair, facing her smile.

Xin Yue seat abruptly climb in bed, eyes warily looking at the front of the red figure, amazement: “Red Fox … how do you here?!” Maya Collapse mouth smile, gracefully towards her, Mouguang slightly There are sad demeanor: “girl, not allowed to call me a red fox.”

renewed waves (five)

Xin Yue looked at this constantly enlarged face in their own eyes, the brain suddenly emerged dream scene. She curled up in a tight group, Mouguang in full defense: “! I’m not red snow you then I’ll come up as people!” Maya stood in front of her, arms Baoxiong, interesting face, “This Housing has been set settled community, no matter how you call, people will not hear the outside does not believe, you try? “

Xin Yue naturally do not believe, really screeching voice shouted out:! “Come on people, ah, who help

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Other than Dragon, Dragon Ridge will not build in this place. Although some aspects of the shape of the gap, but in terms of long storage of gas, this could still qualify Dragon standards. As the dragon’s tail coiled together, so the location where the dragon gas, also dragon-based, leading supplement.
reportedly among Dragon Dragon gas is not entirely consistent with its own position there is a great relationship. Among the leading gas overbearing and intense dragon, dragon dragon into the air thick and long, dragon tail into the air pure and feminine,uggs outlet, practicing different exercises Dragon masters, are required in accordance with their own conditions, to choose their own Dragon will absorb the gas. After
see the true shape of the Dragon, the people have started to pay attention DragonVenture above scars. I saw under the leader, whom the dragon above, there was a vast crack, directly put this Dragon beheaded on the spot. And this crack deep and narrow, should not have been deliberate, it will not cause immediate look of the thing.
Dragon if you want to fix this, you must put this crack dragon head cut off completely erased. And at both ends of the crack, two different dragons gas occupy their space, they only need a suitable opportunity to reconnect together.
patiently figured into the overall structure of the Dragon, Young unintentional mind have all been integrated into the Dragon into. In order to complete this arduous task, Yang mood will also own the endless potential fully play out.

- (the end of this volume) -

thirtieth set
first chapter redhead red Eldar

book “art of Romance” has been uploaded, ISBN 161 878, please support.
************************************************* *************************************** Dragon and Buddhist conflict
attracted attention among the vast majority of the spirit world experts, although the two sides have been to avoid the proliferation of messages, but because too many to invite friends, so it is diffused out from other aspects. In the present spirit world, I am afraid not many people do not know about it. For this conflict, everyone’s views are not the same. Compared
fairy magic circles, the spirit world of the practitioner is very scattered, they are distributed in every corner of the continent of the spirit world, and not much contact with each other. You can say that the spirit world gurus, like in their penance, rarely consisting of a number of large organizations. Up to two three best friends living together in one easy to prove himself to repair, and secondly, you can drive away the lonely hearts.
monasticism on behalf of loneliness, foot ways, from that moment, the practitioner will have to learn and loneliness as partners. Among a long career in practice, they used to seeing death, seeing the parting, have gradually become accustomed to share the feeling of loneliness. With the gradual increase in the repair, the practitioner’s inner world will become more lonely, the strength of all the different practitioners are divided into different classes, and more climbed to the top, the more it will be deeply felt copies of solitude mood.
extremely expert is always the most lonely, because they are very difficult to find a true friend, confidant Parataxis and million gold hard to find opponents. They are constantly in retreat practice, hoping to fathom the changes in the natural world, but also accompanied by endless lonely eternal life haunt them all the time.
spirit world among the experts who are more lazy temperament, they do not like cliques, not fond of unnecessary battle. Dragon Ridge and similar organizations such as heart Buddha Temple, in which the spirit world was only three. Perhaps it can be counted as four, hidden in the darkness of the Church also has the same dark forces.
whether it is the right way magnanimous gentleman harbor, or temperament Bliss lazy idlers, they are not willing to see Dragon battle with Buddhism. They practice to master this level, have a strong foresight and perception, once two powerful forces in conflict, then comes the inevitable disaster of the spirit world. Even if just for their own sake, do not want the spirit world into chaos war among high a level for the monks, only between the kind of calm and peace, and it is easy to comprehend the essence of life.
every god master class, are experienced and tested thousands of times the monks, they practice the process, the mind and the body will be subject to continuous refinement. This step can go now, they have paid a price unimaginable. It is no exaggeration to say that they are the leader among the monks, who are the winners Gui Xian disdain four magic circles. After
soar to the spirit world, they will have a common dream,cheap ugg boors, and that is leading to the God King community. That stood seven circles vertex hierarchy, is the ultimate desire of all the monks. Throughout the practice profession to their location, the community away from the God King is just one step. But the difficulty of practicing this step, but more than all the previous practice. Millions of years to successfully master soaring, millions may not be first, we can see that, you want to cross the final step is a matter of how hard things.
is said to be able to come to a successful, experts soaring enlightenment, wisdom and courage of the people are all, without exception, they not only have unmatched repair, but also need to have open minds, and a compassionate heart. Whenever excess of killing people, there will be hurt Trina,cheap uggs, all kinds of evil people, would lose track mind, insidious person, would not the whole mood. Either choose one of the three have a lot of money consummation of the environment. Even if their repair is high, then the strength of the strong, and never have missed and success.
repair realm who reached a certain degree of master, are rarely hands with others, even if it is forced to whom, will point to the last, to avoid wounding lives. What they do, it seems those novice simply can not understand, but wait until those novice grow up, they will understand the truth. The reason they do not kill, do not anger, do not fight, do not complain, are accumulating merit for themselves. Merit can be said to practice community among the most mysterious thing, can not see, touch or guess, but ultimately the same. The higher merit monks, the higher mind, the smaller the soaring difficulty, the greater hope of success. This reason, only reached some special insight into the realm of talent, but by that time, people will tend to regret their actions before.
so when they wake up, I began frantically accumulating merit. Because only by doing so, to be able to make up for the sins previously committed. To fill sins merit, need to make a ten. Previous vivre, might be behind the practice enormous difficulties.
repair reached dawn Master, Jin Ling Master master this level, have understood this truth. So they do not want to see war, otherwise the entire spirit world is an irreparable blow. Just as the fairy magic war, some experts anger among the spirit world and shot, caught in that field six circles melee. Just a few years among the six community lost among the countless experts. Monstrous murderous filled circles in practice, the bend die needlessly also fills the entire ghost sector. Although God King King exception shot, interfered with the battle, and sent the gods master class, forced suspension of the parties to the conflict. But the calamity has become, sin has been born, and that in any case, irreparable loss of merit, and all the experts involved in the field of battle, both have been God’s punishment.
With a lesson that year, this time acting in the crowd became more cautious. In order to avoid upcoming scrimmage, almost all of the famous masters, are gathered Dragon Ridge, hoping to defuse the hatred between the two sides. While all eyes are gathered into a Dragon Ridge when, in the spirit world into a corner, quietly brewing a whole conspiracy.
the far north-west, is an uninhabited area, fairy magic war thousands of years ago, had been there had ignited the war. And through the spirit world and the devil both industry experts fighting, the land become desolate and depressed everywhere crisp desert air is also filled with innocent people being Xiao evil atmosphere. No matter from which direction to measure, it is a piece of land to the fierce, so are uninhabited between the radius of miles, no one would own spiritual house built in such a place.
I’m afraid no one will think that someone would do the opposite, this piece of land complain evil Xiong Li, into their own control. Patch of desert on the ground, there is a huge scale Spirit House, and dark Zongtan Church built on the spirit of the government being tall. Dark Zongtan Church has been called dark shrine, there is the leader of the White Ling-day territory, but also the place of his daily living.
“Qibing leader, experts have rushed to the parties Dragon Ridge, Dragon and Buddhist imminent battle.” Some young red-haired one said excitedly: “! everything according to your expectations in development”
“know, you do well, the seat will not ill-treat you!” an ethereal deep voice came from the shadows far, because the surrounding light is very dim, so simply do not see each other face. After
won their praise, red-haired young extraordinarily excited, he hastened to lower the head, with a very humble tone, said: “Thank you, love guru, subordinate will go all out, always loyal to the leader, will never live up to your elderly expectations! “
“Good, good! appreciate you this seat is such a character! Do you have the ambition, desire, Ayutthaya too deep, this is your forte, although many experts teach, but their brains are not enough Emmanuel. If you want to make a dark polytheism to flourish, or to rely on you to work hard, “the mysterious man in the shadows praised smiled and said:.” the seat of your very optimistic about the future of the spirit world are holding in your will hands, you do not let the seat down! “
Getting remark, suddenly serious red-haired young naked shine bright, burning flame of desire, almost swallowed up everything: “Ask the Lord assured under …… under the ……” Maybe because too excited young redhead really want to say some vows, but I do not know how to begin, so he hesitated for a long time, a whole speechless.
“!! Bale Bale could you have the heart of the” gently waved, the shadow of the shadow seems to shake a few times: “Yes, the boy came back five elements have not yet three hearts Edelweiss how? recapture? “
“This …………” red-haired youth hesitated a moment, after a child was cautiously said: “Jim, Five lad did not pass back a message, do not know the specific circumstances under might be experiencing what tricky. things right? “
“What? still no news? one seriously injured Zhang Feng did not threaten, easy to fly, even if that idiot can become climate coupled with their five guys normally do not often brag about it? how a critical time, it becomes was so extreme waste of! “mystery man shadows as if turned into a raging lion, he shouted with impunity, the whole world seems to follow the shock up.
“leader pacified, leader pacified!” see each other angry, red-haired youth also scared knees, he kept on verbal persuasion, hoping to calm down and let the mysterious man: “Five lad but hierarch men love to, not only the strength of their high strength and experience, will not let off the leader disappointed! Maybe they have completed the task, the way it is back! “
“Well bunch of useless waste, so that the seat is always angry!!” mystery man grunted heavily, but the mood has gradually eased down: “That guy’s soul among the few there are in this seat concept of God, and if they were to kill each other, the seat will get the message and now everything is unresponsive to prove that they have not hurt! that three hearts Edelweiss determined to win this seat, when people kill, kill the Buddha when Buddha! “
“leader divinity, ranks first in the world, mythical monarch is easy, Universe invincible!” red-haired young reverently singing the praises of that praise sounds soon filled the entire space.
“!!! ha ha ha ha, good, good, or you are faithful, or you sensible” mystery man in the shadows laugh, as his expression change rapidly, and almost unbelievable: “Till five waste back, You let them come to see the seat, if nothing else, you first go on! “
“yes! ask the Lord to rest, under retire!” red-haired youth from up to leave, kept his head down cranial see his pious look askew, even more than the daily recitation of the Buddha’s monks.
according to call them to judge each other, that’s the guy hiding in the shadows, it should be the leader of the White Church Ling dark days. But young redhead standing position, could not see each other’s face, and was taken in each other’s prowess, I’m afraid he did not dare to rush forward, to uncover the mystery of the human face veil. The most important point, in the heart of the red-haired youth, regardless of what is the identity of the other party, he is the leader of the Dark Church, and this is precisely the decisive factor.
dark polytheism among white Ling-day no sense of identity. He is a leader, he is also the world, everything is in his control. Just understand that, then everything else without much notice. Some might dismiss Ling-day dialogue, maybe someone would do him secretly alarmed, but for their leader, each member of the Church of the dark will not help produce a horror thought.
If you do not recognize the strength of the leader, they can not join the dark polytheism, it is impossible to embark on the road now. And each of the members of the Church of the dark, will clearly know that any act of betrayal leader will have devastating results.
young redhead from the performance point of view, he should be loyal supporters Ling-day white men, white Ling day for every command, he would strictly enforced, and for those who feel no good, he will go ruthless purge, to destroy. Obviously, this very high regard Ling-day white guy, and even give him some special rights, but the red-haired young heart condition, but not necessarily as simple as the surface of the display.
willing to join the dark master of polytheism, are both ambitious body of the people, they are not satisfied with the situation now, and always hope for greater rights and status. Church in the dark among the supreme leader’s position is, in addition to others, and not in a position of equality. Strength and merit is the only bargaining chip determine the status of the stronger who’s strength, the greater the credit who, who can climb to a higher position. So each member of the Church of the dark, are not really friends, but competitors can even become enemies.
their mutual exclusion, mutual strife, plot against each other, against each other. In addition to strive to do their own thing outside, forcing opponents to commit mistakes, will be considered a victory. Of course, this mistake must not be detrimental to the interests of the Dark Church, otherwise, as the leader of the White Ling will not sit idly by in the day. But for competition among men, white Ling days are always the idea of ​​holding the sidelines, he never believed that he really controlled the congregation, everything is built on the premise of mutual advantage. So White Ling days for other people and it is not the relationship between life and death, they do not leak out of the dark secrets of polytheism, everything is not a problem. Ling days only white character, probably not too many secrets will tell others that he likes all the changes are in their own hands.
young redhead silent exit very far until you leave the control of the white Ling days before re-straightened stature. Looking back on behalf of the rights and status of tall palace, red-haired young secretly sighed. If you look closely, it must be found, in the eyes of his, desires and ambitions are flashing light.
the saying goes, the eyes are the windows of the soul! Often from one person into the eyes, they can see through his inner thoughts. People always used to be the heart of the most persistent mood to show it through my eyes, only those who have learned to control emotions expert, was able to completely shut the door gate.
this red-haired young man named Norman cloud, is a little

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Under squatting, it seems to have seen the fruit of Ilex are crystal grand. Hum,cheap ugg boors, the owner relied on her last big tall horse, eat fruit than their more obviously people first found it.
“species of ginseng fruit?!”
Meng really finished pouring the water, she pick that turned both loquat, pants rub on the rub, drink and went to the edge of a pool.
“bark, bark!” Yes, ginseng fruit so delicious, you can only flower once a year, not enough to eat them. Before we garden is only so large, long a tree no problem, but now the garden has become so big, we also tried all sorts of it.
raging petty Obviously, previously only it, the family and the owner of the mine proud to enjoy, but now get to know the owner of December Sasa so many friends, relatives, and if everyone sent an estimated turn it left no less than a few months. If multiple ginseng fruit trees, a lot of results, Reiki circles fruit will not rot, then it do not eat ginseng fruit every day? !
raging hand envelops the body Bel sit straight, thick tail swaying too, was too small abacus dial Para Para ringing.
“But there are no ginseng fruit or nut that way?”
Meng really the tool to recover huts utility room, sitting beside a blazing eyes are set to lingering aura of trees. The proposal to have a roaring good, but there are liquid ginseng fruit, there is no stone, that it should be pruning cuttings? ! Wan accidentally ginseng fruit can hurt how to do?
“woof,uggs outlet, woof!” Otherwise ripe fruit, such as ginseng, picking fruit finish try again? !
raging for ginseng fruit is very persistent, of course, do not want ripe errors.
Meng really nod, the last one to eat loquat, ginseng fruit trees last year to end a dozen fruit, she and raging, Ray Pride each ate three or four, she gave the rest of the family added a meal. After a few days ago ginseng fruit blossom again, Meng really specially careful observation before, this year opened spend more than last year, in order to ensure that the fruit is mature, she also deliberately put two hives inside help pollination.
last time she succeeded in ginseng fruit as the center, the radius of a few fields and pools, the whole area is wrapped up. Fruit exudes elegant aura never have come out of the loop bees gradually feel, nor no initial madness. And other bees to restore calm after she put fruit hill beehive taken out ten boxes, two boxes on Reiki circles, eight boxes of red berries on the nursery laboratory, the remaining ten cases are evenly distributed in five fruit hill.
now ginseng fruit, with bee pollination, Aura looks more prosperous, perhaps, the fruit this year than last year, but still not enough points Yeah, her father, Han aunt, brother, Zheng couple, snow home, Yanan home, Na Zhao, Wang line,cheap uggs, and aunt …… call, at least better than last year, more than double the job.
“Red journeying ah ah rolling Wife Sometimes everything is final

stay awake half the remaining half drunk
lacks at least follow a dream. “
Meng really wondering how to allocate the ginseng fruit maturation, in the bedroom, the phone rang. Hear ringing, find they do not know when, in the manor can be heard or seen outside of the case, and the manor walk away, and the outside can be mapped.
For example, if she went to the entrance from Manor Hill about three kilometers, and from her bedroom about Zhuangtou also three kilometers, then she is a manor in fruit hill, out, then the door is the Founding room. In this way, you can omit some distance without her entrance and then deliberately ran out, of course, where she will appear in carefully chosen, otherwise can be seen is the big news.
“so early, Who?”
Meng really stood up, patted the grass clippings on the pants, Ancun of who is calling.
returned to the bedroom, she Moqi have long phone rang N, Hey, is Zhao Kai, is it?
She quickly press the call key, “Hey, Zhao Kai, what happened, is not born of the snow?”
“Blessings, yes, the snow started yesterday, Chen pain, today six five gave birth to a boy, a full eight pounds sixty-two, mother and child safe!”
although separated by phone, but really Meng Zhao Kai was able to clearly feel excited voice, his side, seems to have someone talking on the phone, the voice reveals a noisy happy, she speculated that it might be good news to relatives and friends, Zhao mother.
“Well, women and children are in the hospital?” Meng really excited too, she began to speculate snow yesterday production time, I did not expect so soon, “Blessings, I’ll go!”
“Yes, at the second floor of the hospital,” Zhao Kai voice was full of joy, a father, so he’s a bit overwhelmed by the excitement, “What, Barbara, I do not, and you say, huh, I would Ya-nan to call them too! “
“Blessings, well, you’re busy!”
Meng really put down the phone, busy, rushed into the bathroom, after freshen up, the right clothes for a body, then left raging thunder proud of each janitor, drove himself to the hospital.
A week later, Chen Xue and baby are appearances hospital, Meng Zhen, Zhao Na Ya-nan and Zhao Kai few good sisters came home to see the baby.
Ya-nan: “Look, Barbara, you see the baby looks just like snow!”
Meng true: “Yes, people are not always what the mother said her son looks like, Oh, you see, his mouth child exactly the same with the snow.”
Na Zhao: “Oh, look at your daughter’s daughter, raised her son’s son, and I want a baby.”
“cut, then quickly give birth to a chant, not someone like, such as day old, not even the children are born, do not regret to see you die!”
Chen Xue half lying on the bed, upper body against the bed, his head still wrapped in a towel, “someone” would laugh at her door, stole mine.
“snow, you say someone will not be me.” Meng really did not look up, three of them sat around the baby, well being gently stroking the baby tender little hands.
“Yes, that is you,” Chen Xue Meng Barbara’s very silent, all thirty-one immediately Thirty-two people, and how urgent it is not, “Look, you said that you are not simply not intend to marry you? “
“……” Meng really can not tell my heart in the end is how to think, she seems to have identified Wang line, two people can work together more like a partner, she sometimes feel that they are despicable, kind of use of other people’s feelings. Every time they need help, just remember people, this is really unfair for Wang line.
“Barbara, we are not lack of money, career also made up the time to consider personal problem!”
Last Castle Meng really go too short, too late to say some words Ya-nan, this time she was more than ready to have some days in Bangladesh really live here, good persuade her.
“Well, I know!”
Meng really are thinking, is not the married. Think of marriage, the heart, not a trace of unwilling, although you do not want how vigorous their love, but at least to have the passion of the moment of collision. But she and Wang along the line, unlike a lover, like a friend, nothing exciting, a little sweet feeling at all.
or she reconsider other objects? ! The thought here, not when his mind flashed, when the day of distress Wang line struggling to protect themselves behind the scenes, alas, too tangled up!
“! Barbara Do not hesitate,” Chen Xue most know her, see her frowning like, you know she began contradiction: “If and Wang line did not feel it as early as possible to break up, do not waste each other’s feelings ; If you think he is good, they quickly settle it. “
“Well, I’ll think about!”
Chen Xue: “There, but also the reality of the imagination too small words, ordinary people love or dull some better two people get together for the common life, Ann Lele live, rather than every day, love to love to go. the evolution of drama! “
quarters sisters really know Bangladesh in the year of the “Taiwan romance” of drugs, often used measure of a man’s book. Liu especially after being betrayed, her request is demanding, of course, the book compared with those perfect male pig, in reality, men do a lot worse.
Ya-nan:. “Yes, our life can there be so many good and bad way, or the sense of live better.”
Na Zhao: “That is, do not delay any longer, there are people to take advantage, and quickly married!”
bombarded three women, then getting more and more explicit, depriving Zhao Kai embarrassed to come in at the door.
“Hey, Zhao Kai, you have something to you?”
Meng Zhao Kai really good eyes to see, as found in busy greeting him as a savior.
“All right all right, that is the last time you sent the green rice, my mother took to do the testing, that ……”

happy days one hundred and twenty first chapter delicious
“Oh, what the test results came out, how, snow eat it?”
Mong day to send rice when they see the color of the rice a little questioning, although very delicious eating their own, but taking into account the special circumstances Chen Xue and Zhao mother would ask her to find old classmates inspection test.
“Blessings, already out,” Zhao Kai came to the house, his wife and two other friends nod hello, and then pull off the side of the make-up stool to sit down, “they said this rice is very high in nutrients, rich in protein , vitamins and trace elements the body needs many, is the most superior rice. “
“Really? great!”
Meng really are happy, to be honest these green rice appearance is unique, generally rice is white, there are purple, but it’s kind of like her hair green rice rare. First impression looks, I thought bad of it. And that extra sweet taste, will be mistaken for a chemical additive.
side now have scientific examination result, she can rest assured that your family and friends to eat.
“Yes, not only nutritious, and taste particularly good, every morning I can drink two bowls of it!”
Chen Xue hear their conversation, also joined in the past month of my colleagues do, when her mother complained that rural Lao Fazi wait by the month, in addition to the header, you can not take a bath, rinse, nails outside everyday brown sugar month of special meal unpalatable.
just pregnant with the baby, she worried her mother would give her confinement with Lao Fazi, giving birth to a look, and sure enough, the first package is also said to prevent the wind; bath can not wash, said that she was temporarily birth not wash properly, otherwise the impact of what the lot; There is a thick porridge boil, although rice is Barbara own species, but this is too tired too light, but her mother early in the morning boil She can not drink, they drink a frowning, the results taste particularly good, fragrant rice, waxy waxy slippery there chewing effort.
bowls of rice gruel a day then, Chen Xue became favorite.
“Oh, you like like,” Meng really see her lift the rice gruel on the look of nostalgia, happy to say: “Yes, the last time I brought a hundred pounds, you enough to die, where there is enough for me I give you to send some over. “
“This month immediately had finished, uh, next month should also be enough now in addition to snow, my dad liked to drink, as well as steamed rice with green rice are particularly fragrant rice better than the smell of it.”
wife asked a blessing, and now their home vegetables, fruit, flour and rice are all natural.
“Well, OK, so on the day after eating just tell me, I’ll give you send,” the first kind of rice as well as one thousand kilos of it, have no problem eating the New Year, she saw Ya-nan and Na Zhao a curious face, he smiled and said: “My friend kind of new varieties of rice, processed rice out of a little hair green, but the taste particularly good, you share I have set aside, and so take the time to bring it!”
“cut, what rice Yeah, it is worth carrying all the way!”
Na Zhao directly to her one eyed, one hundred pounds? To wade Springs, her back a hundred pounds of rice to go back, do not give her husband laughable ah!
Ya-nan did not say anything, look a bit impressed.
Meng really busy laughing: “do not understand it, tonight I’ll let you taste what real rice!”
“line Yeah, anyway, we all go to your lives!”
Chen Xue couple is still in her mother lives, Zhao’s house is independent of the general floor, second floor rooms are empty, but the good news here is not how they lived. Fortunately, there Mong, where up to her house, let alone on the two sisters, the family is that they have come, but also a place to place, but still quite star rooms.
noon, Chen Xue-law in their home to eat lunch, Zhao mother holding a child to go to bed, four sisters and they nest together to chat. Afternoon, Na Zhao Meng and Yanan really take the car to Zhoujiazhuang.
“Oh, Barbara, you are really good in this house,” Ya-nan this is the first time in Bangladesh true home, before the Internet have seen pictures of the house, but how can there be real fine picture Yeah.
“pretty good, the key is not expensive!” Meng really have to find out about prices Castle, where the houses more expensive than Springs, Yanan set of second-hand housing, the area but the sixties and seventies, actually can Scoop more than five hundred thousand , and the location or in the urban fringe.
Yanan nod, Na Zhao is with deep feeling, alas, Beijing’s housing prices is Scoop orgy, but for her family Father, the couple rely on their own ability, it is impossible to buy a never ending lifetime.
night, they did not live in two rooms, all crowded in Bangladesh really big bed, a bottle of house wine, one a goblet, talked while drinking until late at night.
next morning, after they wash, stroll to the foot of the mountain for dinner. Breakfast is fragrant rice, plates of their own pickles, salted eggs and several wheat-colored hot bread.
yesterday rice skeptical Zhao Na and Ya-nan, the moment is single-handedly spoon in one hand and eating salty eggs gusto.
eggs tasted delicious rice and mountains, the Na Zhao Meng and Yanan not really advise each person take the time to also carry a large bag of rice and a basket of mountains eggs, rice and solemnly scheduled later and eggs .
“Alas, they go too fast, otherwise it can eat crabs!”
Mong away two classmates think meditation Lake crabs, little sigh said.
“how crabs eat it?”
accompany Wang Meng really go along the line of the station, I heard her sigh, the surprise asked.
“Well, then there are two days of it.” Meng really busy these days, accompanied by learning to play, did not go to see the manor, but according to the previous rate should be about.
“Oh, good, I say Mid-brothers back home, I had still wondering what to do good, which under dishes!”
“However, these crabs I have not tasted it, I do not know how to taste, or else we should first try, if you taste really good, sending people to eat?!”
Meng true or crabs shadow, she has confidence in the water quality of the lake meditation can mention crab, there will  J salty mouth feel.
“also,” Wang line to the matter, he really listened to Bangladesh after the encounter, then guess who was not eating fresh crab, otherwise would not be so salty.
“Tomorrow I’m going to restaurant just send ‘must taste’ dishes, I put crabs with the past, let Zhao master dishes should not be a problem!”
Mong said, “must taste” vegetable dish is a limited supply of the manor, and the Bangladesh government food delivery separately. Usually three days a supply, are her pick good day, personally or sent in the past to let Wang line.
“OK, tomorrow I have nothing else, let’s go together!”
said, two people on the mountain, into the manor to pick vegetables, picking fruit, and crabbing.
this day, Wang Meng really sitting in the van trip together to send food to the urban Sanjiadian. She saw Wang line drive carefully look in the rearview mirror, the day the sisters and echo the words of the ears.
“Zala, dirty stuff on my face?”
Wang Meng line to really find the attention,

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It haze, even some resentment from Chengde to you in the end how? Why not come and save me? Do I have to run out it? If it is more palace here, he certainly would have found me.
Alas, Chu Chu Yang Yang ah, how do you think he will come, and you’ve hurt him, forget him, then do not bother him, so that is the best for him, ah, you really shameless! When difficulties come to think of others, “really shameless, really shameless.” While I was forced to Zazhuo ground with a machete, while whispered curse.
swore swore, I suddenly felt around quieted down, looked up to see everyone next looked at me with a strange, somewhat shocked, but also some sympathy. I have some in a daze, and then turned around and saw the king of cold dense Norton looked at me, suddenly came to understand, is over,cheap ugg boors, they must be mistaken!
“Hey.” My hollow laugh, “I do not call you, I really do not call you.”
But the explanation seems useless, added insult to injury is always black. Norton king’s face is getting worse, as if a knife is generally sharp eyes, I see uncomfortable.
“the hour is late, we all go to rest.” Norton said Wang.
crowd had so much noise Huan’s Ciro Union people are obedient stood up, bowed bowed to him, and then back down, do not forget to take the time to pick up a woman taken away his own.
Norton king stood up, without looking at me, turned and also brought in a woman, well on its way around a large account. It erupted into a silly standing there I do not know how to do, and nobody I? That I can not be run away? Would not it? I can not believe it. Someone pushed me, and I was surprised to look back and see what beard.
“also stunned with what? do not hurry with the past, the attendants can not leave the side of the king.” he said gruffly.
“can not leave the king side? night can not? ‘I asked.
“Nonsense! You have to guarding the door off!” Beard said, then Lengheng soon turned away.
account guarding the door? That means that he and the woman in the big tents that, I have to give him the gatekeepers? It does not become a free adult education begin? This is sooo not the person doing the job right!

Chapter 31

a felt curtain, separating the two worlds, inside the warm spring, outside of that bleak. Wind “whizzing” is blowing, I put myself curled into a ball,cheap uggs, sitting outside the large accounts, straining sniffled and began cursing this damn weather, obviously dead at noon,uggs outlet, when the heat can be, and why the evening will bring people frozen into this?
account came a faint moan, not so big that small is not small, just so I can listen to a carefully. Just beginning to hear the woman’s cries for help coming from inside my head a hot, but also very bravely rushed into. It is an eye Xuemaibizhang porn pictures, clothes are not bunkers woman and naked upper body of a man entangled Jingzhuang, I suddenly broke both have a moment to let it freeze, then the woman I like to look for help. I was purple with rage, just wanted to rap king shameless Norton, rescued the poor woman, but to see Norton Yin Zhi Wang’s eyes, my heart suddenly fell into the icehouse, to the mouth can not say the words actually how to , just standing there like a scared silly. Norton king stays in the woman’s body, even the posture has not changed, Ce Toukan a look at me, mouth pick pick, exposing sarcastic smile.
“gone over the line?” he asked.
I Jiangzainali, can not make the reaction.
“She can put you back her?” he said, his face is undisguised mockery.
I looked at his face beneath the tears of the woman that he called the Cold War, suddenly realize that he is not a palace more, he is not Chengde, he is not even taking into account the minimum that will face the Valle emperor, He just pretty people, is a Roman alliance without any ethical person, is to grasp the reins of my Norton king, Why should I believe that I can save this woman, alone, I importune? I can not do her savior, I replace it with her? I’m not that great!
he still sneered at me, I began to retreat step by step, as if all the strength seems to have been exhausted, like, some staggering pace. Has retreated to the door, this ran frantically turned out, did not cry, but the tears already be blurred eyes. Trance disoriented, struggling to move forward only know rushing to flee the big account, flee these grasslands.
for the first time what it meant to feel powerless, first realized his own insignificance, first understand their cowardice, for the first time in their own selfish shame, for the first time deeply appreciate the taste of fear …… On
stomach was severely punched, soldiers carry the body is guarded, and then was carried them before the big account, thrown to the ground, where how you can make easily run out?
hugged my shoulder, I just feel colder, now own already calmed down, I was restored to vitality that has dogged Yang Feng Chen Chu. Since it can live, is a sad day, but also a happy day, so why not allow yourself to live a happy few?
woman moans vague and thoroughly out there mixed with the sound of heavy breathing of men, and that more and more anxious breathing, seems to be to a certain time. Norton metamorphosis king, you strong, ah, you thought I was just pinching the palm of your hand mud you may be wrong!
Suddenly, a vicious idea took my heart, I smiled, then sat up, holding his throat cleared his throat, suddenly loudly sings: “I look up to, over the moon, How many dreams fly free, yesterday forgotten ah, dried sorrow, I want you to meet again in that vast road …… who is calling, Song of long, so my desire to be like white clouds floating, Wrangler east, west sheep, blazing songs sung dawn on …… “
this body’s voice would have been OK, so I may be screaming fierce howl, there is a feeling of tearing silk brocade, thick like a broken gong some places, but like a fine place to scratch with a fingernail over the glass, the sound high and sometimes low, intermittent, even when every treble falsetto are getting, only to stop suddenly, after a moment, breath up, and then howl, louder than before ……
large tents in a voice as I would like, stopped, my music, I want to go through this ordeal, which will ED metamorphosis that we go! See also how he will spoil people! Thought here, I work harder to howl, the slightest regard for their own voice, “west of the sheep, will sing a love song blazing dawn ……” can not remember the lyrics, I turn it over to cover the last two to sing then, after a moment away came the howl sound, soon followed soon, and I want to echoes quite mean.
camp lights a lamp to light, someone Bickering out and roared: “! howl howl what ah, ah sleep does not sleep.”
“sleep, sing nor ah!” I hoarsely shouted back, and then directed at the distant hazy silhouette, spit tongue, made a face, this stopped. I just feel a sore throat was irritated, even swallow saliva mouth feel difficult.
“Your mood is very good ah!” without the slightest sound of an overhead temperature suddenly sounded.
I looked up and saw a single wearing pants Norton king stood off the door, I hollow laugh or two, said: “The night is so beautiful to see the prairie, could not help but sing up.” My voice hoarse very low I do not know because just howl, or because of fear.
He looked at me, sneer, and said: “Go inside the woman away, then give me a lift bucket of water, I want to take a bath.” Having turned it into a big account. I choked back anger followed him inside, the carpet is a mess, that poor woman looked sluggish dalian He curled up on the carpet, fawn-like eyes covered with a thick vapor, are staring in horror to see with me.
Norton Aiji sit cross-legged beside the king, proceeded to pour a glass of wine, took a sip, then squinted at me. Scum! Beast! I cursed in my heart, and that He crouches to mix dalian woman. She held out his hand to her to see me go, to shrink back in horror, and looked down at his naked body, his face a look of shame. I can think she was thinking, she should be in their own moans just ashamed of it, under the enemy’s body, has issued a moan.
“Do not be afraid.” I whispered, “It’s not your fault, this is nothing to be ashamed of.” hear me say so, with tears in her eyes turned twice, and finally fell into two waterline down.
I looked at her already ragged clothes from his body down off his coat, wrapped in her body, and then held out his hand to her, whispered: “Get up, you dalian He is a strong woman, When a dog bites a right to be mad. “I did not dare put” Mad Dog “word to say out loud, she made only to make the lip.
She looked at me gratefully, shaking out his hand to put my hands, pale lips tightly pursed, suppressed his crying out loud. To see her like this, I would like to direct your own ears fan, never had the heart to feel ashamed, afraid to actually see her clear eyes. I helped her up and staggered to the off-balance walk, just opened the curtain, behind Norton came the king of cold voice:. “Quickly come to draw water.”
kick, I hit your head! I paused, then straightened his back, and that He dalian woman leaning out of the big account. Next big account already ready water, I just need to work with a bucket of water to mention a large tent, put that huge tub filled. I was sweating profusely, “wheezes” to mention buckets of water into the fifteenth, after a nurse’s efforts to fight the water into the tub, he finally nodded his head and motioned me enough, I put the bucket Wangdishangyi put, and plopped down on the floor, you wash it, so cold water, I really wish you could drown inside leg cramps forget!
He looked at me mockingly, stood in front of me, and I looked up at him quizzically. He looked at me, then looked at his pants himself alone, and then looked at me mockingly. I suddenly come to understand that he was waiting for me to give him even take your pants off! Fuck! He deliberately it! He just bully people how small mm when I do not have to give him the pants off of it!
me angrily and his vision, chest rise and fall badly, and now if we can shine a mirror, I would find myself in the mouth is crooked.
“Give me undress!” he cold voice said.
I close my eyes, gritted his teeth, then took a deep breath, his hands in his pants waist grab, Xinyi Heng, “bass” is a put his pants pulled down.
half did not wait for the reaction, I head down, eyes open, just to see his big feet, you do not just want to play me? Aunt is not never seen a naked man, but also let you see the joke go? So I slowly looked up, looked up from the line of sight through his strong slender legs, flashed his male emblem sign, seen no trace of fat compact waist, climb strong broad chest, and finally As for the pit like his pair of green eyes. My Pie Zhaozui “tut” or two, then gently shook his head, on this figure, the nerve-hyun, far worse than Chengde come!
I quipped: “noble king, do every time you need your bathing attendants take you into the tub to hold it?”
his mouth hanging hint of sneer, his own feet to take the clothes from the floor, and then jumped into the tub. I was relieved, and turned to go out, so perverted Norton king, I do not want something between him and the story happen again. Having just two steps, I heard him in the back and said:. “Come to me Backrubs”
me angry ah, why do some people like to talk to someone else and then turn it? I took a deep breath or two, and then smiles turn back, said: “? Trouble you have something to say later on once finished okay.”
Norton tub against the king back to me, and did not speak. I picked up the ride on the edge of a towel tub, mercilessly rubbing his back to the past, while rubbing the side bitterly think, when is it a pig faded hair …… After
when the first rays of the morning sun shine on the prairie, I just lie on Aiji squint stare no two hours last night, damn perverted Norton finished the king asked me to rub his back, letting I put the tub of water to pour buckets put forward, and so I packed neatly and then came in, he was lying on the carpet sleep booing.
I cried faintly him twice to see if he does not respond, and looked at the wall of the machete, crept to the past, pick a machete down holding in his hand, touched before him. His are asleep, sleeping face hostility when awake too few lines are a lot softer, looks a lot younger than usual, it was a thirty-year-old big man, how it will be so vicious ?
me with a machete in his neck than the ratio, so the knife down, he can go directly to the Xianyan Wang, right? Ciro Union human king died suddenly, I’m afraid people will Ciro Union military chaos, this news is a big Chengde is certainly good news …… I raised the knife, but it does not go how it cut his knife down is over, me? Roman soldiers were outside the Union, running is definitely not run, and tomorrow they see me cut their king, they shall not cut me? With my life enchant his life, I deserve it?
I lifted the knife and fall, down another move, tossing to and fro several times, his sin, there is always Thunder to hack him, I still do not succeed this hero.
Although not afraid of death, but in the first half of this prairie wild ghost nor do people do, to say he was dead, his ghost will be able to let go of my ghost? Dead and I beat him ah! Would not it be to be his revenge for six months, and finally get hold of wits are maybe?
I finally heaved a sigh of relief, stood up and knife hanging back into place, and then look back at him, his mouth actually found more silk smile. I blinked, look at the past, do not have, alas, must be dazzled, this metamorphosis are being tortured! I sighed. Too cold outside, clothes and less something to see if he was going to sleep, it is estimated not to violate me, I went to lie down next to Aiji head just touched the desktop, sleep in the past. When the sound of conch sounded outside
I are asleep and suddenly felt someone shaking my shoulder, while dizzy, I opened my eyes just to see the king of bare-chested Norton crouched in front of me.
“ah -” I exclaimed, subconsciously to retreat, but has since been sitting in the legs, long gone perception, such a move, it just felt numb and itchy, like being ten thousand ants bite like , and could not help but bare his teeth he kept pumping.
“up.” He cold voice said, then got up and walked out.
I rubbed his eyes, quickly followed him out. Out of the camp, on the ground used as a practice field, there are already thousands of Roman soldiers Union stood shirtless, the king came to see Norton and opt to use his right hand clenched in a fist at left chest a ratio, shouted out, “King!” moving heaven and earth loud voice.
“eight!” tight as I whispered cry loud crowd muttered, Norton back to the king, his eyes sharp and looked at me, scared my heart shiver.
“how do you come up with?” Norton king asked.
how I come? I somehow see him, then looked at me and look at the front rows of the Roman Union people, not you let me come over it?
Norton Wang smiled and said: “If you would like to practice with everyone, it would have Guangzhebangzi.” below the Roman people burst into laughter Union are spectacular like looking at me, my face suddenly turned red, and shameless! Accounting cheaper verbal As so happy it! Norton turned to see the king

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Left behind the national glory. We’re filming people distort history, and their history back to relive those moved.

finished “Avalokitesvara”, my mom gave me some money. I said forget it. I spent the day is not your money. Mom, then so after you give me money to spend. I said yes. When I make money to give your old slowly after flowers. Mom, I’m waiting. But I’m afraid I can not wait for that time. I’m an anxious, Mom, you always confused. This is a big New Year’s anything to say ah. But the subtext of her words in her lifetime that I was not making money. So in order to make her more than in the world to enjoy the warmth of the sun a few years, in the land of the Republic of the sloshing years, I decided not to make money in recent years. Designed with her dad as well as the scourge of the Party and the people. Let her know what is idle. Estimated that every day I will give her to stay home gas mad.

small  hammer ⑿ River ⑽ decorated razed pieces Essentials ruin? it. I said my mom that level, you do not know. Estimates on your half of it! I did not move it. Small  this bear? Too, Today I am particularly sad sad. My mother gave me shrink this year half of the water. See small  blow male side??, I think how this whole big New Year are coming out of sorrow sad. Look at his last part of my heart especially cool and I think you are finally equal it. Look before you generous splurge, see if you can Comin Zayang. I took Mom to Qiantaochulai a few, yo, give me a rose this year. Doubled. I happily give small  hammer ⑿ River ⑺ bear? Liters a year I doubled. Small  this bear? Hello it. I made a twenty “Ha” word to him. He estimated gas almost the same. Will create a small  gadfly Buddhists jacket this bear? Me and my mom just your situation. I will not stay up estimates of silver that you drop. I wonder what I have to say this off. Small  Cong flattering cut Φ curtain ㄖ β also , and my mother phoned to ask your mother to go. Oh, I’m not up cola, always worried mother to collect the money.

this hostel is not sleep at ease.
Chapter 32 we love it
Chapter 32 we love it

New Year’s bell sounded, the already quiet fireworks began rising again. Leaves first send a message to me, not “Happy New Year” “Happynewyear” sort of blessing. But an unthinking “We love it.” Satsuki words to me last time I was surprised when leaving. This is too sudden. I returned her a “Happy New Year” wish to avoid the topic. Leaves may still sent me, “We love it.”

“We love it!” how easy it is to swallow the word, but I dare not impulsively accepted. Satsuki last day before and I do not have to say “we love it” and then the next day they had together on Christmas Eve and mosquitoes do? I am particularly afraid of people stood up, was playing too much. Almost “once bitten, twice shy” of the. Leaves long look good, although not the kind of Empress Dowager, the idea is regarded as a rich and colorful people. I am a mortal, and remembered the last time she left forehead which recorded kiss. Sure would like to say. We love it! Everything came too suddenly terrible ending too soon. I think it is better to think clearly before answering her.

leaves unlike Satsuki see as I do not answer to deny his own words, but he kept a message to say that we love it! I remember the phrase nonsense about love: love is a man insisted. Estimates of these words leaves deep research. Otherwise, how she insisted on this, has been issued a stop. My hands were numb shock phone off. In the heart of prayer, Missy, you give me a break! But days then people would not always lead my love.

simply throw the phone on the bed, I thought, as long as you do not make my bed infuriated, he was sent to you forever. I was excited about Eve, a little sleepy at all. Until finally the phone does not vibrate, and I opened the information point of view, all the leaves. Sandwiched between a small  blow mold? Small  San Minato River Municipal brag squatting hard ⒛ Jessica Huang Mu 5 Yin Shang moved ㄖ ⑺ stealing scrap  sewing pins come in it is not easy. So he first read the piece. He said that my mother gave me a plus silver. Your mother did not cut you right? I have put money thing to forget, ignore him.

leaves the last piece of information to read, or if the phrase “we love it”, then I will direct other PASS past. Others say it depends on the situation. Say “car to Piedmont Road, boats to cross the bridge,” I abide by the truth. Her message gave me a lot of relief. Leaves, I’m sorry. I forgot to give you time to think. Who says we have a beautiful Empress Dowager Aromatic love it acceptable to have a process for him. Brain short-circuited in the affirmative. You will a mortal. Certainly the brain short-circuited.

had to think I was going to give her answer. She can see the information, I immediately edited a, well, we love it! To reply later. My mind how so heat up. His statement is not being paid for it. Waiting. Waits. Boil it! ! !

leaves did not return my message, I also learned her: you first think about it. Who Yushulinfeng imposing a social good youth told her that we love it there will be flattered that you think about before you answer me! Brain temporarily short circuit is understandable. You will a mentally retarded Nizi.

with happiness,cheap uggs, I sweetly asleep.

ringtone woke me up, I think he was just nap, then start the next game of chess before and Duke yet. Duke’s next ready to accept criticism, that I play him, not to his face. This matter whom, who will be anxious. Do not mess with anyone mess with Duke. And he who does not sleep when Laoke few words,uggs outlet, what’s next chess.

I pick up the phone to see who is causing me and Duke forged a certain distance of it. Is preparing to fellow prestige Swing Dances temper. Can see the leaves calling. I immediately let the thoughts calm down. Estimated spake also all gone just arrogant it. Leaves can put words like a machine gun just like this is not allowing me to humbly interject. “Lin Rui, you are too narcissistic, right? Also Yushulinfeng imposing on you like it? Do not weigh their own weight, but you can still see the handsome delicate features, and adults do not count the lady had spared you this villain back to you in front of me after less pretended arrogance uninhibited way, the girls also will beat. “

thought I heard the last one finished. I asked him if he leaves that out if you can recover it? Look is NOT true leaves said. I said I think we still do not love. Leaf was immediately roar, and how did you so manhood ah? New Year’s Day is not on talking, then you go back on the phrase, the next year, you should not want our brothers and sisters being looked up. Let everyone you scoff dismissive let you die without burial. Listen to the words of my stomach cramps up, I want to ask her or not a woman, so spoke of how uneducated. I said to her,cheap ugg boors, miss leaves, you give me a break! I’ll talk Yinuoqianjin wants. She then whispered words that just can not be recovered? She said that as long as you admit that they are not, then I will be a beast when lying. I would like to insist Zheni Zi is a not forgive me. Too, for their own clicker it! “I do not regret it!” ! !

finished singing the song, I have no sleep. I wonder if there is singing spread out, this is a serious noise pollution. Heard estimates will be tortured tough battle. This New Year’s Day to say “dead” many unlucky. Listen to the people directly Xiecai. This word nice, very elegant. But those words are so gentle live all day mixed groups to create. This is a wonderful satire on Chinese education it? New Year’s the first thing to worry about China’s education, my obsession is how ah! Who will follow in the New Year’s Day shout of Fan chant “first and worry about the world, after the world is happy.”

small  gadfly Buddhists pull ornaments Yi Chong apologized  lying on the bed, or it spoil food to eat dumplings. I said I will sing in this, shouting long live the Communist Party, and asked him where. He said he was visiting on the street, but also humming a little song. New Year’s Day, I say you do not let the people be quiet ah. Disastrous run on the streets, the people of the motherland should really let you get down to Qiandaowangua deceives Xiecai. This is a small  http recover benzene Yong eight instep bed collapse? Xiecai word and switch to it? You can not always advocate on less word for word the less people? It said the word, but to consume energy. These are all shouting out from your mouth, that’s what. I know he would like to say a dog mouth. But he just did not have Zeixin Zeidan.

small  defect rear? awakened mind, I was words and deeds. He reluctantly Dawu “determined to grow flowers do not send, unintentional positive outcomes.” Good did not remember, those elegant little knowledge pour all remember. Face him, I can only again to educate small  chu? Than I say to you? You should also look at myself pondering Yeah, this New Year’s Day New Year’s, ah, we open on the whole character of the dead matter, and more unlucky ah! We all went to the entrance of the people, ah, have to discuss their own good luck anyway. You should do well to remember ah! ……

“paused a halt.” small  give Locust Huai straight ┑ skull slaughter promise Buddhists Aung proud swan-like basis! Proud Zhu #? You doing ah? How feelings are so rich, full band spoke interjection, it seems like people do not know you excited. New Year’s Day you give your money the old lady that excitement also had ah. Well, what an exciting thing, ah ah mouthful of it makes it a. “

“New Year’s but where exciting thing ah? not that leaf in the New Year when the bell sounded to me said” We love it. “That would have been a mouthful ah ah anyway it is my intention to do it, he said, can be an exciting thing, I put leaves something to say and I came out and now I understand what is regarded as outspoken harm and I estimate within 5 minutes, and I have those iron play and leaves friends will know that I am with the news.

small  thorn  my words, Lin Rui, let Having said that ah. I’ll just go to your home. You should also pack up your looks it. The first plane to leave New Year’s do not give me any special memories impressed ah. This small  Iraq said convex bottom snapped Buddhists Egypt? Even let me tell Goodbye opportunity not to. Inconstancy, and small  from hazy fishing? With Yan Liang. I know little  hasty Huan ㄊ gun industry Buddhists pair of Gore? Sowing my “gossip” news. But carefully think about, what, nor is it the first time in love. Qi foam hands before and never walked the red face the crowd. Now do the authors also shy.

fact that I underestimated what little  blowing water chestnut ΑR leech? less than three minutes, and that several of my buddies would have sent a blessing to me. Happy New Year and have not seen them so diligent too. Even more frightening is that the leaves are also called me and said, Lin Rui, listen to this little  squatting incite the Su ostrich egg? It. I listened particularly depressed. Asked her, are you? Leaves readily say that you do not know that I was a leaf? I asked her, little  this drip back? Love.

leaves ah! Leaves are also confused with. After a child, she suddenly realized, this is not to say that we do?

I laughed and said Miss leaves, you finally woke up. Guilty of confused, and went down with the Duke game, the way to use honey trap me and that he forged a certain distance to the cut. Leaves unthinking asked a small  thorn  Who said that? “I said.” I told her before Weighs, I was listening to her Miss Ye Zi said. I’m weighs over. I fainted alive again, because the leaves ask me, is anybody actually leaves? I am the resurrection and the first words and make this world Xiecai together. I completely suits her.

I served her!

New Year’s Day, the world is stupid woman told me how cute and funny up there. When the woman you love, you want to make everything ready for her lovely stupid. Met the leaves, I have no reason not to be prepared. It sounds like Chinese communists shouting “ready for the cause of the party and the people’s devotion.” But I did not go there thinking realm. I should belong to “reading is precious, life is even if it is for love, the two can throw” a class of people.
One small sedan
 blowing neon baking industry Ying? I’m that brushing. Small  Susan Chan Chong Chul looper halo car industry should seek to fulfill the enemy Xin stew frame N Easy?, Turning to him a Happy New Year. Foam one out. There is not one word jumped out of a bubble floating from my mouth, and then hit the small  blow ranch R Huan gingival Communicable Ю gizzard flapping spinulosa P? Catering dizzy left? Eye to visual. I told him busy, sorry! The mouth is a lot of bubbles. Small  onions ψ Pan Lang recognized vinegar tighten> properly topiramate forgive?

saw little  word in Paul? lying on the bed with me, he has it. I took him up, and sample gnaw my bed to sleep it? Help me to give Diego a quilt. Small  blow  the quilt ask me, Lin Rui, you had New Year’s Day on April Fool’s Day ah? What do you love the whole and leaves Laishua people ah? Is not like her embarrassed to say, so to express?
? I opened April Fool’s Day joke? If it leaves your brain is short-circuited by her to play it. But she just gave me the blessing of the brain short-circuited. Xiao Nizi is hindsight. My lips delicate to small  Ting?

I see you like the leaves are unconsciously it! Both her home several times a. Who knows there is no spark to dislodge something happened. Small  bed conversion Che extravagant badger male Α?

forget. Forget it. Do not you say this thing. Wang Wenjing tell you how to find and run I did this come up? I change the subject.  this industry and small droplets which cut? Dad? Feel “thing, it is boring.

which year New Year’s Day I do not run your home come to you through thick and thin ah? I can not have sex immoral. Ben barium small  alcohol are lazy P? Mainz pro-Ode? Gave me the feeling is “cornered.” He said the phrase thick and thin, I guess he began to say it should be “with the death of trouble.” But there are “dead” word unlucky, it changed the phrase. This shows that I still have a little role teachings.

Lin Rui, New Year’s Day, with the home lying count sort things ah? Call them to shout out, to get to every place bloodletting. Small  times the word roasted millet Taipa cutting flail beetle threat roundworm L Cheuk laying Gou mantle cavity flooded Penang? These things are the king of an arrangement. Later dropped out every day, every day he would say those things to arrange it.

fact, I was in Egypt and other small  Minato Cannibals? So the two division of labor. After running again, I asked the little  from unloading Essentials Yan Shu P? This rice hip Yi Qiao  home. I looked at him puzzled, who else? Wang a and Satsuki ah. This small  swallow boiled stew lazy D Su Mei Island Temple gather in harvest lesson Yi Jun sparkle? K gesture. Everything was settled. Departure.

and mother greeted us and went out. Walking down the street, and my heart a bright and sunny. Two years ago New Year’s Day are remembered raining. This year finally fair. This is what I had on the first sunny sunshine since high school years. Alas, it is not easy! This year’s Spring brilliant so I have a “wife boiled woman” feeling. This New Year’s freezing rain days are finally coming to a head, and our high school life is also necessary to coming to a head. The sun is not easy, freezing rain is not easy, not easy for us. These are not easy things add up to a life. That life is not easy. I asked the little  chu? Small  chu? You say I easily? Small  this bear? Whether you are how of concern for the fate of today? From now on you Ah stop me sad! New Year’s Day, the others are beaming New Year, so do not take you over. Why should I get so much sentimentality? As long as you can you one of those sad tune to a change, it is a nice easy. But then again, not only to you, we have had is not easy. From the clever little  buildings like Hu Gou dumb either employed small V Emperor condemned ruthenium BU Ji yu fool?, I do not want to fight him, or “slander” him! They said I hit that slander.

listening to small  blowing curtain Egypt? wondering what I do not want to go, “archaisms” out. Because he was sure of my thoughts. Although a bit that something, but I was an adult, excluding villain. Let him play in the New Year’s lip, nibbling nibbling own so the slightest eloquence. Usually with us, the small  Tsubaki  is with fists on the back of the CD in my promise and hope Ming pack of hand and foot. I could not understand how he does not care about their guys face, actually like that display their “fist” Kung Fu. To deal with a few weak woman, it is a shame ah! I really feel sad for him. Zhao is with the words: sad! Really sad!

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Heart turn and go back, look askance turn support or oppose a man, and that one could not help but let her hair back with a twist brow.

“I do not know too blind to see.” She hates him breath, like her.

“I’m not blind,cheap uggs.”

“turned out to be too bright lamp of your company.” ridiculous, wear sunglasses indoors, was wanted for a long time yet?

suspicious of his mouth a hint of a smile, “Mawson, please go to someone else.”

interesting woman.

“Yes, boss …… uh, boss.” how to call Tameguchi engage, they are now bleached businessman.

feminine side Mawson smile to please the five candidates, one behind closed doors after the legislation is the nature of man, strode across the open pace.

a 阴一刚 men stand on both sides of the desk, it seems like lions guarding either side of the temple, the center of the man sitting at the table with both hands and looked at her cross-stacked.

“I’m sorry to let you see the joke.”

“is not quite brilliant.” Sha Xi dream rude to a chair being pulled on him a ride.

“about aspects of the treatment you have any requests? within the capacity of the company may try to meet you.” She deserves to drop a lot of money.

“I have said to take over the job?” she said indifference.

“I do not think you should refuse.” He does not allow her to refuse.

“convince me.”

his eyebrows a challenge. “Good company system, along with staff quarters house of parking spaces, three bonuses on a monthly salary, annual bonus calculated six months, plus bonuses and overtime bonuses ……”

“I do not work overtime.”

“ah!” understanding. “Nine to five, two-day weekend, held each spring and autumn rainy season travel, place a poll by the staff, who have outstanding performance car, house ……”

“Wait, you sure are enlisted in the secretary?” overqualified certainly a fraud, she does not trust him.

“Of course.” he nodded yes.

“Miss Sand Do not hesitate, our company is really good, although just business, but some of the big future.” Fang Mawson aside preach.

“If the company’s people like you, I did not want to be considered necessary.” her as if to leave.

“Do not …… ah -” He forgot 方岩生 earlier warning, and took her hand, the next second i.e. sand gently clasp overwhelming dream evening at the table side.

“Remember one thing, I hate the man touch me.” they are all the senses of the lowest animals.

learned a lesson Fang Yansheng forbearance laughed: “I do not say do not touch her, you Pianbu Xin.”

“I know how she shot so fast, do not seem to break my arm is not willing.” pain Yeah! Queen peak only really stings.

with his former enemies can not touch the clothes not to mention skill, even accidentally hurt one hair should it pay a painful price, but did not expect it today will be planted on the women to start, really useless.

underestimate the enemy, he is sometimes too light heart, and a return to never lose her again, this time it was an accident.

“My back still hurt again! would have to find a bottle of wine to be rubbed.” distressed woman hands as brothers.

“Boss, can you please spare her, the woman could not find her husband’s family is too fierce.” lying on the table does not look good, to the detriment of his fame.

“better than a weak man killed.” Yang fingertips, sand eve of his dreams aside effortlessly.

headed man rushed out in time to reach a bar, in order to avoid raw Mexican side to the cold wall is really a collision.

“I admire your skill.” personality, but declined to comment.

“I would not have been for a long time killer.” really is not difficult to kill her.

three men a startled for a moment, then burst out laughing. She has features comedian’s cold, the days ahead will definitely not boring.

“secretary belong to you. How long can officially come to work?” He did not make a second choice.

her look indifferent opening, “I know the name,cheap ugg boors, but the boss of it!”

“single animal husbandry, MG, shepherd, animal husbandry, the Duke of Jazz.”

“Sand dream evening Monday to report.” hair wave, she did not intend to do more to stay.

“Tomorrow not it? difficult? ‘I do not know why he wanted to see her earlier.

not because of her beauty.

Causing loss of lives more than a decade, there have been around a woman faces is not obstinate memory, but no one is more profound than her, the woman followed him always had a purpose,uggs outlet, after all, can not escape the lure of money.

and she is completely different, for he is really not interested in the eyes of no fascination glory.

“You’re anxious to employment?”

“start-up companies are always some inconvenience, not a secretary is the inadequacy difficult to deal with internal and external display.” He deliberately put the company did not seem like talent.

“Monday, there …… I hate a man’s hair prettier than me.” uncompromising, she used to self.

Ga? ! Single animal husbandry MG subconsciously Fufu stay long five years. “I left it have a special meaning.”

“Then I suggest you less shaking in front of me, all the boring things I would automatically cleared.” she would a Jiaoduan it.

“It’s hard now! I’m your boss.” depends on at least a daily basis and out several times.

“With you, anyway, I hate you.” especially that a beautiful black waterfall.
She showed
listen to his views bluntly, his chest and feel good, she really know how to hurt art. “On the contrary, I love you.”

“I accept your love, but do not fall in love with me.” witch charm rarely few people unaffected.


“because the ice never melts the heart to do.” into the water only unintentionally.

“I do not think so.” She does not know these words likely to cause a man’s ambition it?

waving a red flag in front of the bull is quite irrational.

“less is to provoke me.” She came to the door, suddenly, stopped to look to the side of the lower body ink raw, “you do not have?”
party ink as the birth of a bow suspiciously.


“iceberg, you seem very busy Oh! recently,” are not ready to eat cake for her to eat.

“Shut up, little fat woman.” intentions too obvious, she did not think the oil with a very cumbersome it?

“Hey! iceberg, I protest to you seriously, sixty-five kg can only be considered a little fat.” actually on the natural beauty of her disrespectful.

“then told me once iceberg, string suckling pig will be your shelves.” She really is not afraid of death.

sand star Bo grinning Gouzhao her hand, “Okay! little Renee, burning witches also be painful.”

unobstructed vision at a Mongolian barbecue restaurant, visible through the transparent window of landing one pair of distinctive flip the meat woman, a very lovely whirring round, an ice too daunting.

whole is quite pleasing scene, they all look very eye candy, especially the beauty of frost side painfully eyelid is America ready, if a pro-Ze are willing to die.
build a wall around her as cold, nobody decent.

“Freeze hooked.” she told her how pressing Garou?

“Hello ruthless Oh! iceberg.” she finally agreed to sacrifice Jesus, is to be thankful.

“Sand – Star – Bo, your skin itch is not it?!” Although the threat to the population, but never for myself Sha Xi Meng sister manipulated.

her face cold heart is hot.

“Come, eat barbecue mouth thing! little Renee.” sand star Bo picked up a barbecue to feed people, but finally could not resist the temptation of a chewing mouth stuffed myself.

wanted her dead is very simple, but to quit her mouth, quit cuisine more painful than death. Sand star Bo determined to eat as the purpose of life.

“You’re fat one kilogram.” sixty-six, very good numbers.

gatifloxacin Bo care of waving a fork, “is a blessing to eat it! spur desperately dieting dry it.”

“optimistic fool.” watching her eat really terrible thing, like a disaster film scene, without restraint.

“You’re pessimistic madman, and a mouth to eat what to do.” iceberg is not always open.

“poison you.” This really put her mouth sewn up, only overweight twittering like a sparrow.

mouth stuffed with things still speak really ugly, she is not afraid to choke it? Sha Xi dream expression Lengran pour a glass of cola and handed to her, lest the world less a fat witch.

“ice …… eve dream, I know you told me the best, and in the evening I eat blueberry pudding dessert.” She took the opportunity to blackmail.

“not material.”

“I buy blueberries put fridge.” wow! The thought of saliva on the flood, you can also make blueberry cake, blueberry pie, blueberry shortcake ……

“refrigerator is broken.”

“buy new, I pay.” Anyway, there are a idiot boss, she can enjoy the big Shanghai.

“Taiwan is not blueberries.” at least not production, she was referring to freshly picked blueberries.

“iceberg, you are deliberately and I naysayers are not? European Montreal is wild berry.” sand star Bo dissatisfaction grab a throw mushrooms into his mouth.

not say anything else, witch only to circle around the Earth at your fingertips, riding a broom as long as three hours flight only.


“Of course I go …… wow! Hello treacherous, that you design me.” She is not afraid to fly half overboard.

“Do not yell, be careful arrested anatomy.” Sha Xi dream micro sighed, ten beef has eight were missing, it seems that she simply listed as barbecue chef.

“Anatomy Where? extremely intelligent head, or pull glamorous face?” she was most proud of two.

“your stomach.” Do not harm her eat barbecue.

“stomach?!” she Fufu convex belly, like there’s like three months pregnant.

“cow reason is because there are four ruminant stomach, and you ……” she pointed at the pile of dishes less ten hill.

“I arrived four a thing! people are still developing, of course, to eat a little.” sand star Bo beckoned sending staff on five lamb.

“horizontal development.” Indeed there is a great space.

“Well! know you’re jealous of my life have to eat at night do remember a blueberry millefeuille.” full stomach just to think of the next meal.

jealous? ! Sha Xi dream expression unchanged, but Fudong Zhao fundus smile, “I do not have.”

“ice …… small evening dream, you do not play me.” To eat her desperately.

“We are in the same year.” meaning that she was not allowed to pay more little words.

sand star Bo quickly fell out. “Can not you cold? Say a word will not kill you.”

“I am the iceberg.”

“You ……” Her hand did pinch the neck, but the pinch of her neck.

days of sin, still be illegal; regret, can not live.

iceberg title that she had a hard go together, do not like to talk childhood dream evening, cold coldly sui generis, and people will not take the initiative to contact the feelings, in addition to these sisters are also willing to say a few words with them, “sarcastic” , the other only to suffer cut copies.

bigger, the witch witches bounded on jokes that she is home iceberg sand witch, thus the nickname on the rejection also throw off.

From time to time, of course she cried twice, it is difficult to make others want to forget, but now she is very sorry.

Woo, blueberry cake, blueberry pie, and her blueberry pudding ……

“less loaded a dun face, I retire at night.” and if they are willing industrious, witch club business will be better.

gatifloxacin blog into a smile and said: “Well, I accompany you!”

“bartender you want to help me?” She never dreamed of.

“I can help you wipe the cup, so …… hey, you can empty out a hand to make blueberry pudding.” sand star Bo dial wishful thinking very fine.

“Bo child, you really are a good sister.” lost her, eating is the only sense that she’s living in the world.

“You’re welcome, your honor.” sand star Bo audacity to say.

pride is her second name, but she will argue that self-confidence.

sand eve of a dream laugh and ran hastily pretends a silhouette Hing, “I think I have a free cup of workers to wash up.”

“You dare cheap outsiders?” sand star Bo Nose bridge vertical head to desserts no reason not to fly away.

“fat Bo child, you should go back to work.” Ditching the person is not a good staff, though she is one of them.

“I do not ……” sand star Bo was to excuse the language while it was barrage dress down.

“wow! elder sister is really admirable of you, I just walked the streets to see missed it thought that you would have to eat it!”

“go, this is what the hell? She is a tree or firecracker factory activity?” interrupted words gatifloxacin Bo upset pointing to the front of fancy dress Kona.

to Kona hand rub sand star Bo stared back, “You’re fat women do! swine did you eat more.”

“kid, speak cautious, do not fall into the face of the cement on my barbecue.” bunch of chemical drugs.

“You be careful of it myself! not baked into the fat on the belly.” cement? This is but she spent several one thousand to buy cosmetics yeah.

did not look fat woman.

“Tell me, little dream, she is not your friend.” so she can slaughter.


“Okay, well, I have not swallow the little girl’s flesh.” Bo said very treacherous sand star.

to Kona swallow swallow the step back, “big …… Sister, she is a witch to help?”

“ah ha!” sand eve dream finally have time to take their own charcoal taste of meat.

“witch help?!” when witches coalesced help, how she did not know.

“The Sister forgive me senseless did not know, you’re a witch to help No. few characters?” to the original expression of disgust immediately turn into a Kona flattering.

almost Terrier to gatifloxacin Bo drank Coca-Cola. “She told you that we are witches help?”

also give birth to a sense of humor when the iceberg?

“Yeah! And she was amazing, right? Sister is a big shot level.” simply to Kona Sand evening worship idolatry dream cast.

not admitted to the secretary does not matter, dangling food to eat all day like the streets of “godfather” plenty, enough for her trip to the hotel to eat and drink half a month, since they are more money, and she There capital.

she is not runaway girl, eighteen years old, she had to make a living in the streets, causing her estranged parents disappointment to the family, simply move a person to live, to save someone yelling plus throw around the old plates .

and friends rented a small suite of seven square meters in size, the landlord is fairly good, not Dunning rent, drag a couple of weeks and still send a chicken soup tonic.

ulterior motives, to see the little girl is good, control is tight no chance to steal his wife, and occasionally Yangyang Yan welfare.

“Where is she powerful?” witch when a long time, she felt nothing unusual.

Na excited to be a description of a scene that day, “…… Sister buckle her hand a man magically Shuaidie the ground, the other side, but a quick one hundred eighty centimeters tall big man, oh!”

“Hey! iceberg, you get to learn kung fu is not it?” sounds like the kind of witchcraft.

“Bo children, pay attention to your words.” She learned a few years.

sand star Bo grumbles, “and the more you have a high pole Juan, and do you still go to learn what dubious things?”

“I am delighted.” she just in front of people when a man, do not rely on magic and spells self-defense.

“You …… stingy, do not teach people.” might be a lot of fun.

“You have time to stop eating time?” Sha Xi dream disagree.

also right. “You love everything he knows, oh! An iceberg.” She can not be called directly iceberg.

quiet evening eating sand dream did not sound rare sand star Bo forget snatch, do not take this opportunity to treat yourself how to reward.

“You are not a witch to help

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Rustic yet luxurious atmosphere, the staff dress uniform competent,uggs outlet, absolutely first class service with a smile.
“I heard the first day,cheap ugg boors, fifteen performances here are invited courtesan leaf floor and today just fifteen.” Joan  R Yue Xiang Xiang whispered in the ear, probably just wanted her Diminshing gas, deliberately inquire about the news.
Yue Xiang Xiang curved lips: “No wonder leaf stage floor, the first floor has a boss of some minds, in their own home courtesan restaurant on stage, does not need an appearance fee, but can make money..”
snacks soon put to each channel are very delicate and delicious, Yue Xiang Xiang every taste a few bites, and finally holding the glass hold in mouth mouth smiled and looked at the ground floor lobby of the movement.
“out!” do not know who shouted.
Yue Xiang Xiang had a chance to find someone on the first floor of the candle seems to be a gust of wind blew all out. Moment, everyone calm down.
dark, loud sounds, such as graceful melody pouring out the full moon, fortunate identify the sound source, the stage suddenly a bright, eight lotus lamp glass lamps emit Yingying Huaguang. Red light and shadow in the beauty Qiaoxiaoyanran, if the stars bright eyes.
beautiful smiles,cheap uggs, combined with the melodious ancient classical, red armbands stroking, assertive harsh beauty.
With tunes faster and faster, as if someone invited together with her dance. I do not know when to stage two more white woman, dancing elegant and refined, the audience silent, were on stage beauty captivity mind.
a complete, the audience remained silent. God has not been back in the wonderful views from the photograph. Three up, Yi Yi for the audience crowd, ready to step down.
“Hold on!” the audience out of a handsome son, and his face was slightly pale shadow of the kind of sense.
“son there anything?” courtesan did not speak, had been standing under questioning that stage of a clerk. Clothing and other staff who want more than a good many, probably the lobby steward.
“the son, would like to invite your family a three girls together.” totally ignoring the steward, his eyes staring straight into the stage.
“son of kindness afraid ……” steward hesitation, continued, “leaf floor there are rules, but never courtesan entertainer. son wanted to see three girls, you can go to the brothel opened leaf floor.”
WHACK! Steward was severely instigate a slap in the face. “You kind of nostalgia when the son is demi-monde dude?!”
inherently good or bad. Yue Xiang Xiang above watching the side Fufei.
“No, no ……” steward at a disadvantage not dared argue.
“Qin son came to town, the shop is really graced ah.” warm alcohol behind the man suddenly came the voice of the people heard and looked and saw a man standing a few steps away Tsing Yi refined.
“boss.” steward Christine the Gongshen.
“? Qin son This is what” Weiqing see himself playing steward, smile and asked:. “turned out to be a discipline for guard servant only son so stiff, I am afraid to guard a day earlier closed. “
“Humph! Weiqing you today in Guizhou city has to rely on this earth is not my father being a Chamber Explorer for your guidance and help. today, but the son wanted to ask a few girls here you go sit in the government, but was it scary block. “
“Oh, I see. Methodist tune a subordinate unfavorable. went to sit in the Qin government not impossible, but I gave the Qin son face, son David is also the one to face.”
Weiqing open folding fan, slowly said:. “Please three girls may have a condition.”
“but said nothing wrong.”
“one question from each of the three girls, as long as the son of the answer came. any condition can promise son.” Weiqing watching other people, with a smile, “Of course, everyone can participate.”
word, the crowd caused no small stir. Yue Xiang Xiang turned to Joan  R said:. “! Interesting we also participate in the”
Joan  R Dodo mouth, knowing that opposition useless, and finally hold back nothing.
red beauties lead up and said:. “. Qiang children, good song you son, as long as close Qiang children’s tunes, even if the win.”
Weiqing already sent moved out various musical instruments. “Any instrument can be freely selected.”
one sounded cheerful sounds like gurgling mountain stream flowing springs, beautiful red lips evoke the stage, the crowd turned its audience. All beings are robust, so jubilant song infected people jump, but has never been heard of, how to tie?
“really strange. tune inflammation States have never heard.” Joan  R aside sigh.
Yue Xiang Xiang smile, fingers tapping the desktop: “I do feel a little familiar Joan  R, take me down..”
just about make, Yue Xiang Xiang was Joan  R and another female guard held onto the arm and gently landed audience. Yue Xiang Xiang ignore the little commotion caused by her, went before a Yaoqin, steers the strings.
smooth comfortable ear stage musical with music entangled together quickly together until people stop playing on stage.
“I win?” Yue Xiang Xiang looked up, smile Yan Yan.
“natural. girl win.”
“Humph! was a win nothing. son in the rest of the two-game winning streak.”
Yue Xiang Xiang but laugh without a word, “Well, have the ability to win my master again boast.” somewhat surprised, Joan  R actually speak for her.
“girl Qinji superb. has no interest, occasional leaf floor guest?”
“Oh …… Wei boss is really a joke.” Guardian boss words, it seems that hides obscure meaning.
“Now, the second more than anything?”
“Cheng children, you say?” Weiqing turned to the stage where a white woman said. Women such as amber glass eyes, gently flow, and finally set at Yue Xiang Xiang’s face and said:. “Cheng Qiang children children better than my sister more than talent, as Cheng children out of a quiz question everyone whoever came up with the answer, even win. “
“But if a direct answer to guess some boring ah.” Cheng children seductive smile, “not as good as this ……”
“I tell the subject, you can not use language or words to tell me.”
“That should tell you how to answer?” the audience began to question was raised.
“can not write to say, of course, is used to express the same thing.” Qin son proudly explains.
“Yes. restaurant where just about anything can be as long as I can express the mystery. even win.” Cheng children across the crowd, “Qin son Nujia’m looking forward to it.”
“Of course, the girl …… I am looking forward to it.”
that what, I’m on the 11th aircraft to fly back to school.
before filing it. Hum …… I am also just know it OTZ

110 leaf floor (under)

“you listen, clarify children’s questions were very simple.” white girls step forward broke and said, “a little different zoning heart.”
“a little different zoning heart?” the audience was immediate response.
“What is the topic? neither like poetry, the statement fails. how guess ah.”
“guess to say that the subject in question, Qin son let Nujia so disappointed yet. Otherwise, how to give up?”
“give up?! The son never gave up anything.” frantic.
“Oh ……” Yue Xiang Xiang aside eyebrow hissing, “Qin son must have confidence, gains the right answer.”
by her words a shock, he quickly turned into pale complexion flushed, teeth and said:. “When …… Of course, how could such a simple puzzle stumped the son.”
white girl looked pale Yingying audience laughed:. “Cheng children, waiting for the son answers”
“The answer is very simple.” Recovering from pale look into the faces of the original conceit, pulled out a silver from her, took the stage into the hands of Cheng children.
“This is the son of the answer?” Listen no joy, anger, Cheng children at the hands of silver, waiting for his explanation.
“different heart, only refers to people unfamiliar with or unwilling to its friendly relations. As a businessman, lobbying can only buy people need money, so the answer is money.”
“Hey – you do not feel the air suddenly they muddy it?” Cheng children ranging answer, Yue Xiang Xiang first to jump on stage. “I do not know where the smell floated …… Well …… right! Qin son who turned out to be a stench, stinks stinks.” As if his nose, cited the audience burst of laughter.
“Damn, you are the woman.” angry, raising his hand he tried to hit, was Cheng children hand stopped.
“Qin son, Yuandufushu this topic you guessed wrong.”
“She did not give an answer, I is not lost.”
“Oh …… some people just does it cry.” Yue Xiang Xiang Cheng children a hand on his shoulder, for all channels, “I already know the answer. moved just something really bad.”
“a little different zoning Heart First let me explain.” zoning “meaning, meaning there are three zoning: a surly; disobedience; Second, apathy, alienation; three strangers here should be two or three riddle. Dayton read as “a little raw / min different heart”, meaning not “with” the word of the heart, and the rest, “Jiong” and then separated, plus a little, into a “door” word. “
“So, I can not remove the door leaf floor Come on. Cheng children girl, my answer may be right?”
“did right. very accurate explanation. Qin son you lose.”
“I did not lose, she did not bring the stuff is not it? If I were to split, even if I win!” Jump to the audience, angrily through the crowd, rushed the door and ran. Halfway but was stopped by guards pub.
“Ah …… Qin son if you really demolished the shop next door, and the next, but very distressed yo.” Weiqing refined face revealing a smile, but not by cold air a bit.
“You! Weiqing you are not afraid of my father ……”
“ah? yes ……” interrupted his threat, the guards set up his eyes to indicate Wang Menwai drag, “Go back for me to tell my father, son, if not managed well, can bite the bullet next to help him with the next event to afterwards, the Chamber of Commerce if the funding cut off, he will be very upset right. “
world finally clean up. Weiqing Yue Xiang Xiang for a laugh: “Well, I won the outlaw.”
“Not necessarily. said good to win three games, while you only won two.”
“hey? much trouble?” Yue Xiang Xiang sigh.
“If you win the third, the best three leaf floor courtesan all yours when her maid or, to give as gifts worth mentioning, as you dispose of.”
“But if you lose, you have to pay all damages I have sinned against the Qin government, fifty thousand taels of gold.”
“! Hey – you dare threaten us!” Joan  R anymore angry, ready sword Yue Xiang Xiang was stopped, whispered: “Now the use of force, then it will disturb the rulers, but we are now being rounded up, the multi-issue. less attitude. Moreover, we may lose the next game. “
“the next game more than anything else?” raised his head, asked.
“Well. happen Fu children will use the sword. than fencing it you, ladies and gentlemen, please win bet Fu child presence over there bet that the girl in the side bet to win. earn buy ah! “
Hey! This is not to take her as a pawn in public gambling make money? The man left the money in mind yet? ! ! Unhappy, very unhappy.
“Joan  R.”
“Yes, Master.” on the outside can not be called a princess.
“gives you a chance to atone, if done well, JiaGuanJinJue, promising.”
“Please, Master express.”
“I want you for me and her fencing.” Weiqing inquiry turned positive for the eyes, “can now she is my hands and since I use their stuff and her fencing should not foul, but borrowed Props nothing. “Tan Tanshou look harmless expression.
“Oh, so to speak some truth than she can.”
but ten strokes, Ming Jiaofu children a woman lost in Joan  R men. The audience uproar, winning people cheered, reach Yue Xiang Xiang worship God, who lose money because of the guards to maintain order around Weiqing have dared presumptuous act.
“speed connection, Guardian boss will not go back on it.”
“natural. them from today is that girl man. girl intellect, crouching beside it, the next it is admirable. watching the girl seemed to be travelers, as leaf floor tonight at the inn stay.”
“Thank you, boss David invitation, my master had to stay in another inn. Moreover Tomorrow we have to hurry ……”
“. Joan  R” Yue Xiang Xiang without blocking her answer, for Weiqing a slight chuckle: “Thank you, boss Wei kind, mind me picking up.”
“Oh, in that case do not force the next. girl bon voyage.”
would finally get on the inn’s carriage, as three more people, and had to buy a carriage.
“Joan  R, what is something to say anyway.” Yue Xiang Xiang stretch out on the side of the carriage Ruanta, while asked.
“with strangers, lest more than a wrong.”
“wrong? Joan  R you are worried about their identity problem?” Yue Xiang Xiang live their hair around your fingers to play the whole day, “I see no problem ah., even if that child will point called Fu martial arts, You worry about her unknown origin, I ask you, do you think her martial arts? “
“…… To be honest, style and no substance, no combat experience, so will fail so fast.”
“then there is no reason to worry about ah. really want to worry about it, you can send someone to the police clear their bottom line ah.”
“yes. Her Royal Highness.”
MINASAMA!! Happy Lantern Festival! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Roll! !
eat Lantern yet? (My family’s annual Lantern stock back to my summer vacation yet another desire to eat == Please let Lantern Lantern is a little taste of it!)
This is called pre-term struggle? OTZ
I was suffering with stomach pain and fight.

111 Hui Gong

“Ultimately I want to play until when?!”
“Hush —! Hush!”
“your own voice is not small.”
“Hey, we must be here talking to? Hey, you go over there a little, and she should not suffer so close!”
“you only the hands off!”
Yue Xiang Xiang forehead veins chug jump, throw off the body’s Pa three people. “Enough! Who then spoke to put who threw out!” Dough sore forehead, Yue Xiang Xiang Dengzhu silent trio win is just back from a leaf floor courtesan.
exact, is dressed in white courtesan mood, inflammation, and from the cold Muyun Jing.
three women in a drama, this time the three men can shoot a Hollywood blockbuster.
Yue Xiang Xiang try to beds squeezed inside, big devil said to be a bad idea to hide the bed down bed mantle can deceive the public, someone came in, and said in her clothes, the other two have no objections.
But! She is now serious doubts that they simply to take advantage of her.
“you determine that no one outside eavesdropping?”
“small Xianger not believe me?” Han Jing from the indented corner man dragged out and hugged.
sigh. “Joan  R difficult to deal with this person. Weiqing background arrangement does not give you any errors, otherwise she will be skeptical.”
“Weiqing some things this man means. spacetime that you people are very cunning. course ……” Muyun inflammation Interface said, “You’re the exception.”
“Hey! cunning what good I called smart!” squinting his eyes, “Hey, you Transvestite really good. inflammation beauty’ve seen do not review it. Americans and white Americans from there how to go forward Palace choose a show or something, can certainly disastrous. “
“unintentional, where someone owes tune ah.” Han Jing Xiemei brought back from the mouth, such as Yue Xiang Xiang did not react, the pressure on her lips, teasing kissing. Can not resist, hypoxia was only until he let go.
really is silent tuning …… Yue Xiang Xiang saw a shiny Mouguang unintentional narration staring at her, could not help blushing, harsh glare